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So, you are in the market for a new plus size sports bra. Exciting and daunting times. The biggest question you will face is how do I know it is the perfect fit for me?

In this list of 10 plus size sports bra fitting tips we will explore everything plus size ladies need to know to get the perfect fitting sports bra. The following is a list of the 10 tips I will explore.

  1. The band should fit snugly but not too tight.
  2. The cups should be full but not overflowing.
  3. The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders.
  4. The straps shouldn’t fall off your shoulders.
  5. The bra should lie flat between your breasts.
  6. The underwire shouldn’t sit on your lower breasts.
  7. The underwire shouldn’t poke you anywhere.
  8. Your new sports bra should fit well on its loosest hooks.
  9. Your sports bra shouldn’t chafe.
  10. How you wash your sports bra can affect how it fits.

Below I explore each tip in more detail and give advice on how to fix any fitting issues you may have.

Read on!

The band should fit snugly but not too tight.

Did you know 80% of the support your sports bra provides comes from the band? As such, the band needs to fit snugly but should not be too tight. You need to be able to breathe!

A good rule of thumb is to put your sports bra on, so it feels snug. Can you slide two fingers between the band and your chest? Yes, then it fits snugly. No, it is too tight!

The cups should be full but not overflowing.

To support your complete breast, it needs to be fully enclosed in the cup. There should be no gaps pr wrinkling of the cups. This indicates your cups aren’t full and you need to go down a cup size.

If you are spilling out the top or sides, then your cups are too small. They are overflowing! Easy fix here, simply go up a cup size.

The aim here is to fully support all of your breast. Any unsupported area can bounce, and this is what a sports bra is designed to reduce.

The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders.

We already know 80% of sports bra support comes from the band. The remaining 20% is provided by the straps.

Many women believe most support comes from the straps and as such tighten them up. This is the primary cause of straps digging in.

Just like your band your straps should be snug but not too tight. Remember the two-finger test? The same applies here. Can you slide two fingers between the strap and your shoulder? Yes, then it fits snugly. No, it is too tight!

The straps shouldn’t fall off your shoulders.

The complete opposite to the preceding tip, slipping straps. Nothing is more frustrating when you exercise than having to constantly fix your straps!

There are a few possible issues at play here. The first is the straps aren’t tight enough. Remember snug but not too tight. It is worth a regular check here as things can change over time.

Secondly, your cups are too big. If your breasts can bounce around inside your cups this can cause your straps to move. Hopefully this is not the case as you have already followed tip 2.

Thirdly, your body shape may be the cause. We are all unique, short torso, sloping or narrow shoulders. Any number of factors could be at play. The solution here is to try a convertible or racerback design sports bra. Then there is no way your straps will slip!

The bra should lie flat between your breasts.

This is more of an issue for underwired sports bras. The ‘’gore’ of the bra between your breasts should sit flat against your torso. If it doesn’t this is an indication of an incorrect cup size.

If your cups are two big then the underwire will be too big for your breasts. If they are too small, it is impossible for the sports bra to lie flat.

Check you cup size or even easier try wirefree!

The underwire shouldn’t sit on your lower breasts.

A good fitting sports bra should follow the shape of your breasts. It shouldn’t sit on top of your lower breasts.

If it does then your cup size is too small. Those pesky cups! And you guessed it, increasing your cup size usually solves the problem. If it causes your cup to become roomy then try a different style.

The underwire shouldn’t poke you anywhere.

Underwire is there to shape and support your breasts, not to poke and prod them. If you find your underwire poking and prodding you, it is an indication that your cup size is incorrect.

Cups that are too small means the underwire can be too tight for your breasts. The result, digging in and pinching. The reverse, too big and the wire can move around. Hello wire break out and poke!

The solution is as simple as checking your cup size. Something we have already discussed.

Your new sports bra should fit well on its loosest hooks.

Good sports bras aren’t cheap. As such, you want them to last as long as possible. No matter how well you look after your new sports bra wear and tear will take its toll.

Materials stretch and consequently your sports bra fit begins to fail. Starting on the loosest band hook allows you to tighten things up as the band stretches. Allowing your sports bra to provide the support it should for longer.

Your sports bra shouldn’t chafe.

Oh no, the dreaded chafing. Even when everything else fits perfectly you can still experience chafe. It is (literally) enough to bring tears to your eyes. If this does happen to you it is worth trying a different style.

If you experience rubbing between your breasts look for an encapsulation style. One that separates and holds each breast individually.

If you experience band rubbing look for a style with a soft, seamfree band. Also, look for a style made from modern, moisture wicking materials. Less sweat = less rub!

How you wash your sports bra can affect how it fits.

Over time washing your sports bra can break down the elastin causing your bra to lose support. Over washing and/or incorrect washing can accelerate this process.

Caring for your sports bra is an important part of bra longevity and function. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and my care tips to ensure your sports bra performs at its very best for the longest possible time.

At it’s simplest hand wash or use a wash bag. Use cool water and mild detergent. Never tumble dry your sports bra. Ideally dry flat in the shade.

My Final Thoughts.

Taking the time to find the perfect fitting sports bra is worth the effort. You will be rewarded with a sports bra that fits, supports and doesn’t rub. Now, that is worth the effort!

Eventually even the very best sports bra will need to be replaced. When that time arrives use my 10 Plus Size Sports Bra Fitting Tips to ensure your next sports is just as good.

Of course, what better place to buy your new plus size sports bra than sports bras direct 😊

Yours in support.

Amy x

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