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In Support of Women

At Berlei brand, everything they create is thoughtfully designed to make women feel comfortable and confident. For 100 years, they’ve invested in innovation by creating bras that support women of every age, shape and size, so she can always feel her very best. They’ve pioneered products for mothers, sportswomen and breast cancer survivors. As the world changes and the needs of women change too, Berlei will be there.

The Berlei Brand

Why Berlei?

Quality; something you wear so close to your skin should only be made of the best quality. The Berlei brand works with the latest fabrics and technology to create high functioning, beautifully crafted products that not only look good and perform well, but feel great against your skin. Berlei’s commitment to quality involves extensive research and development, including testing our sports bras with the Australian Institute of Sport.

Fit; The Berlei brand have spent over a century understanding women’s bodies and how to create beautiful bras with superior fit for all shapes and sizes. Many women don’t actually know their correct bra size so buying a correct fitting bra is of upmost importance.

1920 – Ahead of the times, women were part of Berlei’s management team from the beginning.

1922 – Dr Grace Boelke was appointed to ensure garments were anatomically correct.

1926 – Ground breaking study of 6000 women conducted. The result; revolutionary corsetry made for real women and comfort.

1950 – Developed Australia’s first maternity bra.

1990 – Partnered with the Australian Institute of Sport to help women exercise with maximum comfort.

Berlei and The Australian Institute of Sports2005 –Partnered with Breast Cancer Network Australia. To date, over 123,000 My Care Kits donated to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

2006 – Serena Williams discovered Berlei while playing at the Australian Open. She has worn the brand for every Grand Slam win since.

2016 – Launched a bra in honour of The Divinyl’s Chrissy Amphlett to support women fighting breast cancer. 100% of profits donated to BCNA.

Our Verdict

We love a good old fashioned Australian success story and the Berlei brand certainly are that. Their range of sports bras and crops give woman a wide range of styles to support them in their sporting journey. Teaming with the Australian Institute of sport was a master stroke. Testing their sports bras and informing women of the bounce control they can expect really makes buying one of their sports bras easy. All in all great products from a great company.

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