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The Shock Absorber brand was launched in 1995 following research conducted at Edinburgh University. The original Shock Absorber bra was designed to counteract the negative effects of exercise on women’s bodies. It was a unique breakthrough for athletes and sportswomen worldwide. Since then Shock Absorber has grown to become the UK’s Number 1 sports bra brand.

Shock Absorber has been continually involved in educating women on the importance of wearing a sports bra. In 2000 they teamed with tennis star Anna Kournikova with their ‘Only the Ball Should Bounce’ ad campaign. Four years later to celebrate the 2004 Athens Olympics. Long jump champion Jade Johnson became their new spokesperson. Promoting the importance of wearing a sports bra though a national schools programme.


As well as education the Shock Absorber brand pioneered 3D breast movement research in the UK. In 2005 Shock Absorber commissioned pioneering research conducted by the University of Portsmouth (Scurr and al). 3 dimensional breast movement was tracked using infrared cameras. This provided key insight into the importance of sports bra support whilst exercising. Since this original research was carried out, Shock Absorber has tested all new styles at the University of Portsmouth. To measure their reduction in breast movement.

Groundbreaking new research commissioned from the University of Portsmouth lead to the creation of Shock Absorbers sports specific range. For the first time runners, racket sports players and ball sports players get specialised support for their body in movement.

Committed to Improvement

Committed to continually improving and developing their product range. The Shock Absorber brand actively participate in dedicated research programs, in partnership with world leading breast health and sports science experts. A recent study analysed 3D breast movement of larger breasts (G cup). Movement was tracked using four infra-red cameras. Recordings were then taken during three activities: static, jumping jacks and on a ramped treadmill. A comfort level was also obtained for each activity. The results showed that wearing a Shock Absorber sports bra could reduce bounce by up to 78%. This has proven to be as much as twice as effective at minimising breast movement as a ‘normal’ bra.

Shock Absorber brand

Our Verdict

We love the Shock Absorber brand! With up to 78% breast movement reduction it is no wonder they are the UK’s number 1 sports bra brand. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more supportive wirefree sports bra. The band fits snug (to offer the support it does it has too!) so we recommend going up a band size and down a cup size. If you normally wear a 12D get a 14C Shock.

The Ultimate Run Bra (it’s all in the name!) is great for runners but can also be worn for any activity that involves running or jumping. It’s comfortable and very supportive but can be a little difficult to get on and off but persevere as the support it offers is just reward.

The Active Multi Sports Support Bra is a great all round high impact sports bra available in a large range of back and cup sizes. It’s more of a crop style that is shaped and lightly padded. It is a popular choice for women with smaller frames and larger chests. That said we have found this style popular with all women who are after a super comfortable, highly supportive sports bra.

If you are a D cup or under check out the Active Shaped Support Bra, its padded cups will give you a flattering shape enhancement. It doesn’t have the impact of the two above (its medium impact) but does offer great comfort and definitely gives the bust a nice shape.

Shock Absorber gets a big tick from us. A bit more pricey but well worth it if your top two needs in a sports bra are support and comfort.

Check out our Brand in Focus: Shock Absorber blog.

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