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The Early Years

The Triumph International brand has it’s origins in 1886. The corsetry firm Spiesshofer & Braun is founded by the merchant Michael Braun and corsetiere Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer. They begin with six employees and six sewing machines, commencing production in a barn in Heubach (southern Germany). Within a few short years the company expands to 150 employees.

In 1902 Spiesshofer and Braun recognise the benefit of a memorable brand name. One that will allow the company to be recognised wherever it is used. Hence the brand ‘Triumph’ is born, inspired by the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. As a result the company quickly achieves the position of the leading lingerie manufacturer in Europe.

The Zurzach region of Switserland becomes the location for Triumph to establish its first branch abroad in the year 1933. In the Olympic year of 1936 the company celebrates its 50th year.

Poster for the 50th Triumph Company AnniversaryTime of Expansion

Following the war a new beginning commences and production is restarted. Furthermore the company recommences its dynamic development. In 1953 it begins trading under the name ‘Triumph International Brand’. Consequently the following five years sees the company expand throughout Europe. Opening branches in Belgium, the UK, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands.

1960 sees the company begin expansion into Asia. Over the coming decades they open branches in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Hong Kong amongst others. As a result Triumph becomes one of the three leading manufacturers in Japan by the mid 1960’s. Paralleling this, the European business expands into Greece, Portugal and France. The Triumph International brand is selling lingerie in 92 countries by 1965.

In 1972 Triumph buys into the Australian, Brazilian and South African markets. By 1977 their factories in Germany, Hong Kong and Austria solidify Triumph’s reputation as a high-tech fashion company. Textile technicians and clothing experts from the world over look to these factories as information centres.

1986 sees the company celebrate its 100th birthday. At this time the Triumph group employs 19,000 people worldwide with a total turnover of more than CHF 996 million. Exclusive French men‟s underwear brand HOM is acquired. And in 1988 franchising agreements are reached with the former East Germany and Uruguay. Further expansion into South Korea, Canada and New Zealand occurs in 1989.

In 1990 Triumph International brand broadens the diversity of its range with the purchase of the exclusive lingerie brand Valisere. The Nineties were a decade of constant expansion into Eastern Europe. With new production plants in the Peoples Republic of China, India and Thailand. By the end of the decade employee numbers total more than 35,000.

Triumph International brand

Success Story

2002 marks the 100th year the trademark ‘Triumph’ has been in use. Above all the company continues along its direction of constant growth into the new millennium. A state-of-the-art production unit is opened in Hungary’s Dunaujvaros in 2001. Triumph stores are also opened in major European cities. Engagement in Asia is also increased with sales networks in Bangalore, Dehli, Chennai and Mumbai.

Shaping the Future

A modern new Triumph logo is introduced in 2008 and is at the core of a completely new corporate design. Even more allowing the Triumph international brand to engage directly with their consumer’s wishes and desires. Advertising campaigns showing self confident ‘Triumph’ women in realistic and natural life situations are shot by internationally renowned photographers.

Today, 1,650 Triumph Stores across the world are true showplaces for Triumph International’s products. Above all they provide a great platform for personal contact between the brand and its consumers.

Triumph Triaction

Recent Years

In 2011 the Triumph International brand celebrated 125 years of innovation, dedication and creativity. They continue to set industry standards of best fit borne out of a deep understanding and knowledge of the female body.

In 2013 Triumph entered the USA and Mexican markets further increasing its global presence. Together with its existing Canadian business, Triumph now has business stakes in all North American markets. Continuing its success story with fashionable quality products, supreme fit and excellent service to style seeking consumers.

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