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A sports bra is a technical piece of equipment specifically designed to protect your breasts during all activities that require a lot of body movement.  Regardless of your breast size, damage can be done to your breast ligaments, called Cooper’s Ligaments, when your breasts are not properly supported.  These ligaments cannot repair themselves and any damage will eventually lead to breast sagging. A properly fitting sports bra can greatly reduce breast movement, preventing breast pain, discomfort and sagging.

For further information please visit our Fitting Room.


Your everyday bra might be pretty or practical, but it is not built for impact during sports or activities.  Sports bras have technical features specifically designed for activity.  These include wider straps, moisture wicking materials, fuller cup coverage and unique designs to reduce bounce.  No matter what your breast size, damage can be done to breast ligaments, called Cooper’s Ligaments when your breasts are not properly supported.  Once damaged these ligaments cannot repair themselves and will eventually lead to breast sagging.  A properly fitting sports bra can prevent breast pain, discomfort and sagging…your lacy everyday bra does not.  Sports bras really do make a massive difference!  For further information please check out our Fitting Room / Why wear a Sports Bra

If you participate in many different activities it is smart to equip yourself with several different styles of Sports Bras. High impact activities require Sports Bras with a high level of support. You can choose to wear a high impact Sports Bra for all your activities, however many woman prefer a less constrictive style for lower impact activities.

It is advisable to steer away from Low to Medium impact Sports Bras for activities that result in a high degree of breast bounce.  Low to Medium impact styles will not give you enough support during activities like running and netball.

If your chosen activity is a lower impact, such as weights or hiking, then a low or medium impact sports bra should be sufficient.

You may also find that the larger the cup size, the higher level of support your breasts require, regardless of the activity.  However this is often a personal choice based on what feels comfortable.  If you would like further information about the different types of Sports Bras please visit our Fitting Room / Sports Bra Types

Sports Bras are given a much tougher workout than your everyday bra and they have a much more technical job to perform.   A Sports Bra should be replaced every 6-8 months depending on how often you wear it.  How long your Sports Bra stays comfortable and supportive depends on how many times it has been worn and washed.  If you wear the same Sports Bra for every workout you may need to replace it sooner than the 6 month mark.  It is a good idea to rotate three to four Sports Bras to extend their lifespan.

If your body or breast shape has changed then it is advisable to check the fitting of your Sports Bras and replace them.  For further information about fitting please visit our Fitting Tips.

For further information about caring for your Sports Bra please check out our Fitting Room / Caring for Your Sports Bra.

We aim to continually expand our range of Sports Bras to achieve our goal of offering you the best range of Sports Bras in Australia.  However if there is a particular Brand or style you would like us to stock, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch either via our live chat, or by emailing  [email protected].

For further information about determining your size please check out our Fitting Room / Determine your Size

We try hard to stock a great variety of sizes for you. However some sizes either sell quickly or are just not available in particular bra styles.  If we do not have your size in stock please get in contact via the live chat or email us at [email protected].  We can then let you know if we are able to source the size you require in the style you like.  If we are unable to secure your required size, we can advise you of any similar styles that are available in your particular size.  We will do our utmost to help you.

It is very common for women’s breasts to change in size during the month in line with her hormones and menstrual cycle.  Sports Bras Direct recommends you buy a larger cup size for that particular time of the month.  You may also need some different sized Sports Bras if your weight often fluctuates with either weight gain or loss.  It is important to wear the correct size so that your breasts are adequately supported and the bra is comfortable.  If you have one breast that is bigger than the other you will need to choose a size that fits the larger breast.  Some women who suffer from breast tenderness also find that wirefree Sports Bras are more comfortable.  For more information about fitting please visit our Fitting Room.

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To measure your size it is best to wear an everyday well-fitting non-padded bra and use a fabric / flexible tape to measure in centimetres.

To help you further, brand specific size guidelines have been added to the product images of some of our sports bras.  Please also check these before ordering.

Back Size – Underbust measurement

Your bra back size is determined by your under bust measurement.  Place tape
measure around your body, underneath the bust, in line with the bottom of your bra’s hook & eye.  The tape should be taught but not uncomfortable.

Cup Size – Overbust measurement

Place the tape measure loosely over the fullest part of your breasts (usually over the nipple). This is best done when wearing a bra.  Ensure the tape measure is at the same height across your back as across your bust.

Your back size can be different to your clothing size as it relates to the width of your back and diaphragm.  A lady may wear size 12 clothes and a size 14C bra.

Now look at the Bra Fitting Chart below.  First find your underbust measurement (Back Size) in the left hand column, round up to the nearest cm if required.  Then find the corresponding Australian/NZ size in the grey column.  This determines your back size.

Once you have your back size, follow the row along until you find your cupsize measurement, again round up to the nearest cm if required.  This will determine your cup size.

Crop Tops

Crop tops can fit differently to cupped bras.  Generally speaking they are more similar to women’s clothing sizes.

XS = 8    S = 10   M = 12   L = 14   XL = 16    XXL = 18

However the correct size can be more accurately determined using your under bust and over bust measurements in the table below.  To understand how to take these measurements please see the explanation above.

Sports Bras Direct recommends crop tops for cup sizes A-D only. You must also check the specific style of crop top suits the level of impact you require.  Breasts that are bigger than a D cup require more specific support from a cup size sports bra.

Each Brand has a slight variation in their actual measurement guidelines for crop tops, so we have summarised the individual Brand’s advice in the table below.

If you are still unsure we would love to help you, please get in touch with our support team via live chat.