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Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra Review

Sports Bra expert Amy gives her take on the Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra. Check out what Amy has to say about this offering from Triumph.

Amy’s Review

“Hi, I’m Amy from Sports Bras Direct. And today I am having a look at the Triumph Triaction Performance sports bra.

This is a high impact support bra. If we have a look closer at the features. It is an underwired bra, thus giving you a nice breast separation and breast shape.

The cups themselves are made from two panels of a soft and breathable material. It is made from a moisture wicking material combined with lots of mesh vents for that breathability as well.

The seaming and panels on the cups are all designed around maximising the support and the breast shape. The middle panel on the cup is a little stretchier in its design to give you more comfort. However, the top cup panel is made from a firmer material to give you extra support across the top area of your breasts. This helps reduce the level of bounce experienced.

Looking around to the back of the bra it has a nice wide band around the side. It has regular straps to the back which can be adjusted in length. There is a hook and eye closure just like you would find on an everyday bra. This has a nice soft backing so there is no rub in this area.

The advantage of this bras straps is they can be easily changed to be crossover. Great for addition support but also if you plan on wearing a racerback top.

It might not be too easy to show you how to cross over the straps on my model here. But before you put the bra on it is simply a case of undoing the straps where they meet the band. You will then need to lengthen the straps, so they fit across your back. You then cross the strap over and re-connect it to the band on the other side.

Simply repeat with the other strap. Lengthen it off and crossover to the other side. You have now successfully changed it into a crossover design. Nice and flexible depending on what tops you want to wear it with and what your personal preference is.

So, a fantastic sports bra giving you high impact support and great breathability. The underwire and panelling in the cups maximise your comfort, shape and the support it gives you.

That’s the Triumph Triaction Performance sports bra, a Sports Bras Direct bestseller!”

Amy ❤

A Close Up Look at the Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra.

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