Why Wear a Sports Bra?

Failing to wear a supportive and properly fitting sports bra during exercise can lead to permanent breast damage whether you have experienced pain or not.  This applies to very small breasts too.

Prevent Permanent Damage and Sagging

Breasts are made of mostly mammary glands and soft tissue with limited support structures called Coopers Ligaments.  A supportive and well fitting sports bra will protect your breasts and minimise damage to the soft tissue and Coopers Ligaments.

Coopers Ligaments supports the breast tissue and “keeps the girls up”.   Think of a simple rubber band…if continually stretched and stretched it will become longer and will not bounce back .  This same principle applies to the Coopers Ligaments and skin when your breasts are not properly supported during exercise.  It means that breast support that comes from your bra is extremely important especially during exercise. Even the smallest sizes can experience permanent tissue damage over time if you neglect to give them the right support.

When you participate in even mild exercise your breasts will bounce and it is this action that can damage soft tissue and stretch the delicate Coopers Ligaments in your breasts.  This can cause sagging and permanent breast damage.  This applies to small breasts too.


Breasts move in three dimensions during physical activity

– up and down

– side to side

– in and out

So finding a sports bra that limits motion in all directions will provide the most protection from sagging and pain.

The only time your breasts are not moving is when you’re standing or lying down.  You should wear a sports bra when you’re doing any kind of activity including walking and yoga.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort during exercise

Research has shown that wearing a supportive and good fitting sports bra will increase your efficiency and enjoyment of your workout.

A good sports bra will reduce breast movement which means less pain and discomfort. Sports bras are also made from ‘sweat wicking’ fabrics which keeps you more comfortable while exercising and help prevent chafing problems that may develop during prolonged activity with a wet bra.

However it is important to remember that wearing a worn out sports bra can lead to breast pain and ligament damage as it will no longer have the same level of support.  To help you stay comfortable and supported while you exercise, replace your sports bra every 6-8 months.  A sports bra should never have a birthday!

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Determine Your Size With Our Bra Size Calculator

1. Underbust Size

2. Overbust Size

Measuring Your Underbust

Stand straight with your arms hanging casually by your side; if you can get a friend to measure you around your chest, directly under your bust.

Ideally, measure yourself while you are wearing a good fitting bra.  The tape should sit directly under your breasts (where your bra band would normally sit), should be horizontal all the way around and be as tight as possible without being uncomfortable (exactly like your bra’s underband).  This measurement is your Underbust.


Measuring Your Overbust

Still standing straight measure horizontally around the fullest part of your bust (usually over the nipples).  This is best done while you’re wearing a good fitting bra.  The tape should not be to tight resting lightly on your body. Make sure the tape is straight across your back and is parallel to the floor.  This measurement is your Overbust.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Finding your correct Australian Bra Size is as easy as 1, 2, 3. One; follow the instructions below to find your underbust and overbust size. Two; slide the bars to your correct size position to discover your recommended size. Three; start shopping!

  1. Underbust Size; measure around your chest, directly below your bust. Read more below.
  2. Overbust size; measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Read more below.

Crop Tops

Crop tops can fit differently to cupped bras.  Generally speaking they are more similar to women’s clothing sizes.

XS = 8    S = 10   M = 12   L = 14   XL = 16    XXL = 18

Sports Bras Direct recommends crop tops for cup sizes A-D only. You must also check the specific style of crop top suits the level of impact you require.  Breasts that are bigger than a D cup require more specific support from a cup size sports bra.

Each Brand has a slight variation in their actual measurement guidelines for crop tops. Please check brand specific sizing below to establish the best size crop to suit you.

If you are still unsure on your size we would love to help you, please contact us to arrange your personal fitting appointment.

Brand Specific Size Guides