The Four Important Things to Me


Wow time really does fly. Sports Bras Direct (SBD) has been open for 2 and ½ years now and we have been operating as a not-for-profit business for 1 and ½ of those years. I thought with Christmas just around the corner I would write about the four important things to me.

We all have hopes and dreams and the ‘hope and dream’ of Sports Bras Direct is make the world a little bit better through the application of these four things.

So here they are!

1. Our Customers

A cliché I know. Ask any business and this is most likely the answer they will give. But for me it’s more than just a hollow response. It is the heart and soul of my business. Sports Bras Direct started as an idea three years ago on a family holiday to SW WA. With the question; where do regional women buy their sports bras? It was near impossible locally and there were limited specialist options online.

I initially created Sports Bras Direct to help regional women but quickly realised that it wasn’t just regional women that struggled to find their perfect sports bra. I subsequently made it the foundation of my business; to do everything possible to help you find your perfect sports bra. I am pretty happy with what I have created but there is always room for improvement. As such I will continue to improve to give you the best possible experience when buying your next sports bra.

Have I been successful so far? I think so. I receive messages daily from happy customers. Customers that sing the praises of Sports Bras Direct. A smile is put on my face daily and I am buoyed by your feedback to keep improving. Also over 100 Google reviews at 4.9 stars tells a tale. You love what I am doing!

2. Helping Women in Need

A close second is helping women in need. SBD is all about helping women in need. The women we primarily aim to help are our customers. There are many studies that show up to 80% of women wear a poor fitting sports bra and many women avoid exercise due to breast soreness caused by exercise. Not good and something I aim to fix. One of my goals is to help every woman find the perfect sports bra for her. Ambitious I know but a goal well worth pursuing.

A huge part of doing business for me is to help women in need in the community, thus my decision to make Sports Bras Direct a Not-for-Profit business. I originally aimed to help multiple charities through SBD’s donations but had to scale that back as profits are not yet high enough to support this. I hope to expand my support as profits increase. The ideal association for SBD is the ‘Support the Girls Australia’ charity. We are all about supporting breasts and they support the breasts of women in need. The perfect alliance! We love the work they do for disadvantaged women and the support we receive from our customers is so humbling. We have passed on hundreds of new and pre-loved bras and aim to donate even more in the coming year.

3. Providing the Best Range at the Best Prices

This is an important one. We can’t successfully achieve number 2 without achieving this. When I first started SBD I simply typed ‘sports bra’ into Google and saw the majority of results were brand specific websites. Great if you want to shop that brand but not that great if you want choice. Other websites had plenty of choice if you are looking for a fashion crop rather than a genuine sports bra. Or you fit the standard size range dictated by many brands. Not good enough.

Another goal of mine is to provide a great range of sports bra styles and sizes for you to choose from. And you know what, this hasn’t been easy. Women come in many different shapes and sizes, meaning sourcing and holding a lot of stock. There have been many times I have pondered reducing our size range but I have always been drawn back to one of SBD’s founding premises; to help all women in need no matter their shape or size.

4. Changing the World Though Business.

I have put this one at number four but it has quickly become one of my guiding principles. I won’t bore you with my political view; apart to say I think the direction of the world needs to change. We cannot keep doing business as usual as it is not benefiting us or the planet.

Traditional businesses make money by selling products you need and in the process make a small group of people (the owner and shareholders) wealthy in the process. They take without giving back. A select few do give back a token amount with an even smaller select few (eg. and giving back all their profit. We are asking the question; what if a business existed only for good. I don’t need much, a simple wage will do, but the power of my business is unlimited. The more we sell the more we give; simple. Now imagine a world where all businesses did the same. It is only my opinion, but imagine the good that could be done.

So there you have it, a quick summary of the four important things to me. What do you think? I would love your feedback. If you have any suggestions, recommendations or simply want to give SBD a pat on the back please email me at [email protected] I am here to help and anything I can improve to help that little bit more I am happy to consider.

Thank you for your support.


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