Sports Bra Bestsellers 2017


In 2017 Sports Bras Direct supported a lot of women. So what were the most purchased sports bras? We’ve run our finger over the numbers and come up with SBD’s top 10 for 2017. Interestingly they were all high to extreme impact bras (women want a lot of support) and included two maternity styles (go the active mums!).

Let’s take a look.

1. Brooks Juno: No surprise here, it’s towards the top of our top ten too. What can we say, already a Brooks bestseller the updated version was always going to impress. We love it and it seems you do to. A great bra built for maximum support and comfort.

Brooks Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra, Colour Cobalt, Lifestyle View

2. Cadenshae Ultimate Bra & Fit2Feed Nursing Sports Bra: Love it, a maternity sports bra at the top of the list (both styles came in fairly equal). Consequently showing how important good support and comfort are to breast feeding mums and more importantly just how active these mum’s are after having baby. You go girls! Cadenshae certainly fits the bill for active new mums.

3. Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support Bra: How good is Shock Absorber. It is little wonder they are the UK’s number one sports bra brand. Extreme support and style, it is no surprise that this bra has a 5 star review from wearers. Hence we would rate it the same.

4. Anita Active DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra: For such a lightweight bra it offers an amazing amount of comfort and support. Above all we cannot fault Anita’s attention to design and construction detail and this bra is no exception, beautifully designed and made. A big tick from us!

Anita Active DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra_Promotional

5. Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra: A definite winner with the larger busted, this bra will support you through any workout. Freya claims it reduces independent breast movement by up to 92%. Certainly we can’t validate this but it does offer fantastic support.

6. Cake Maternity Zest Flexi Wire Sports Bra: Another maternity bra in the top 10 and a good one too. More of a structured maternity sports bra that provides great support, function and comfort. Hence it is perfect for new mothers who are after the extra support provided.

7. Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra: The only Triumph on the list and no surprise it is their highest impact style. Above all a great sports bra at a reasonable price it is little wonder this one made the list.

8. Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra: Another shock in the top ten. Specifically designed for runners this award winning bra will give you all the support you need stride after stride. Also not just for runners, anyone looking for an extreme impact bra can benefit.

9. Freya Active Sonic Underwired Spacer Bra: Another high impact Freya for those with bigger ‘girls’ and one we love. It accentuates your shape whilst providing good support. It looks good on.

Freya Active Sonic Underwired Spacer Bra, Colour Hot Crimson, Lifestyle View

10. Berlei ProElite Support Crop: Another one for the fuller busted, this time from Berlei. We imagine the flattering design is a winner as it conforms nicely to the body and feels great on.

So there you have it, the top 10 for 2017. If you are after a new sports bra to kick off the New Year you’d do well to check out one of these.


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