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We love the quality and comfort of the Brooks Moving Comfort sports bras. Also they are popular with our customers too. With the Juno being the leader of the pack.  By understanding the unique needs of active women, Moving Comfort has perfected fit, support and comfort. Hence becoming a leader in sports bra design and development.  But at Sports Bras Direct we also love a good story about strong determined women. Above all the origins of Moving Comfort is exactly that…

Company History

 Moving Comfort was founded in America in 1977 by two female long distance runners, Ellen Wessel and Elizabeth Goeke.  Initially it was a part time enterprise on an old Singer sewing machine. The ladies making female running clothes for themselves and their friends.  At the time there were only men’s or unisex athletic clothing available. As a result the ladies wanted to create custom designs. Designs that addressed the significant differences between the male and female bodies.

The hours were long and finances difficult. But through sheer determination the production line grew and major running stores started buying their clothing. Including the famous American department store Bloomingdales.  ‘The spector of me going back to work for anybody kept me going. The alternative was so awful that I just couldn’t stop’ Ellen Wessel. For more details and quotes from these amazing ladies there is a great article written by Jeff Darman in 1978 posted by Runners World.

Moving Comfort Brand

Eventually Moving Comfort was purchased by Russell Corporation. Who also owns brands such as Russell Athletic, Brooks and Spalding.  In 2006 Berkshire Hathaway Inc acquired Russell Corporation. And the relationship between Brooks Sports and Moving Comfort was born.

Brooks was a well known brand in the 70s and 80s, well known for its slogan ‘Run Happy’.  It made shoes and apparel for a wide variety of sports.  However in the early 2000’s it was struggling and the decision was made to cut huge numbers of products and focus solely on running.  They built an in house research facility to perfect their products, with a big focus on running shoes.

Moving Comfort rebrands to Brooks

 Moving Comfort continued to grow and became experts in designing world class sports bras.  In 2014 the brand decided to stop supplying women’s apparel and focus solely on sports bras.  “It’s a conscious decision to lead in product excellence. To us, sports bras are more than just another item of clothing – they free a woman to move in any way she sees fit”

Brooks Brand

This started the gradual amalgamation of the sister companies Brooks and Moving Comfort.  The employees at Moving Comfort involved in the apparel design and manufacture merged their talent with the Brooks team.  With this came the decision to rebrand the bras solely to Brooks.

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