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It all began for Shock Absorber UK in 1994. Research carried out at Edinburgh University in Scotland initiates the development of their original sports bra. This bra, designed specifically to counteract the negative effects of exercise on women’s breasts, was a breakthrough for women athletes worldwide. Following this Shock Absorber developed a range of sports bras. With a wide range of styles and cup sizes up to a G cup all designed to different impact levels.

Shock Absorber Launched

In 1995 Shock Absorber was launched with the endorsement of sporting legend Sally Gunnell. Olympic gold medallist Gunnell worked with Shock during the period leading up to launch. Assisting in biomechanical research, testing prototypes and road testing designs. As a result Shock Absorber bring their first sports bras to market. These revolutionary designs combined the latest in performance fabrics with scientifically proven bounce reduction. The new brand became a game changer for many women.

Only the Ball Should Bounce

In the decade that followed Shock Absorber partnered with inspirational athletes. Tennis player Anna Kournikova and Champion long-jumper Jade Johnson to name a couple. They promoted the brand and helped grow it into the UK’s Number 1 sports bra brand. These campaigns were not only about promoting the brand. They also educated women on the importance of wearing a sports bra during exercise and proper breast support. Their relationship with Kournikova centered around the ‘Only the Ball Should Bounce’ UK wide ad campaign. Designed to educate women on the importance of wearing a sports bra. In 2004 Johnson, Athens Olympics long jump champion, became their new spokesperson. Promoting the importance of wearing a sports bra though a national schools programme.

Design and Development

Since their launch, the design and development of their sports bras has been underpinned by science. In 2005 pioneering research was commissioned with Dr Joanna Scurr, Head of Breast Biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth to study the biomechanics of the breast during exercise and to compare everyday bras against the support offered by the Shock bras. 3 dimensional breast movements were tracked using infrared cameras providing key insights into how breasts move during exercise. The valuable insights provided by this detailed study allowed Shock Absorber to continue to lead the way in sports bra design. For the first time runners, racket sports players and ball sports players get specialised support for their body in movement.

We've Just Set a New PB

Since this original research was carried out, Shock has tested all new styles at the University of Portsmouth to measure their reduction in breast movement. More recent University research showed that wearing a Shock Absorber Run bra can reduce breast bounce by as much as 78%, twice as much as a normal bra. Shock also continually test and upgrade their fabrics to bring you cutting-edge, breathable, moisture-wicking performance fabrics.

Award Winning

In recent times Shock Absorber has excelled in the UK sports bra awards scene winning:

  • The 2015 Running Awards: Voted Best Women’s Sports Bra 2015.
  • The 2016 Running Awards: Gold – Best Women’s Sports Bra: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra.
  • Your Fitness Awards 2017: Runner Up.
  • The 2017 Running Awards: Gold – Best Women’s Sports Bra: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra.
  • The 2017 Running Awards: Silver – Best Women’s Sports Bra: Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support.

Shock Absorbers goal for women is simple – No pain, all gain. No matter what your sport or activity of choice, within the Shock collection, there really is something for everyone – from traditional lingerie styling, to crop tops, to front opening, to lightly padded – and all fuelled by thier expertise and commitment to unrivalled breast support.

Shock Absorbers Launch Video:

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