Sports Bra Care – Looking After Your Investment


So you’ve finally bitten the bullet and replaced your old, worn out Sports Bra with a shiny new one. How good does it feel? Supported once again! You don’t realise how unsupportive your old one was until you don a new one. As we all know good sports bras are not cheap. We want to look after them to get the longest possible use out of them whilst ensuring they continue to support us. Not just for our breasts but for our hip pocket. So what can we do to prolong their lifespan? Investing a little time and effort in caring for you bras will help. As will the following small but important tips and tricks for sports bra care.

Hand Wash Only

It says it on the label and for very good reason. Consequently washing your beloved sports bra in the washing machine does more damage than you might think. Clasps may get caught and break. Straps could get tangled in the rest of your washing and stretch. Underwire may pop out ruining your bra and potentially your washing machine if it gets jammed in the drum. Expensive!

An often used alternative is the laundry bag. Pop it in one and everything will be OK. Wrong. Machine washing a sports bra in a bag not only deteriorates the components (there can be as many as 30 used to create your supportive wonder) but things can still catch, bend and break.

Hand washing your bras is not too much effort. A quick wash in some warm water and mild detergent. Then a rinse with cold water and you are done. If your workout wasn’t too extreme consider washing every two or three wears to reduce washing fatigue. Hence an easy one to improve sports bra care.

Hand Wash OnlyNever Tumble Dry

Pretty simple; if you thought the washing machine was bad the dryer is much, much worse. Throwing your sports bra around in a hot barrel full of clothes is not good. Things can break, elastic can melt and colours can fade. And even the underwire can warp. Result; unhappy sports bra.

An easy alternative is to gently press your bra against a towel to remove excess water (never wring!) and lay flat to dry. On a clothes horse is a good idea. If you must hang them, fold them over the line without pegs. Above all never hang them by the straps as the weight can cause the straps to stretch.

Give Them Space

Sports bras are often stored by folding them in half, and if you’re like me, quickly shoving them in the drawer. This can mis-shape them, compromising the way they fit and mold over your breasts. Give them space! Therefore lay them flat with the cups of each bra laid over the other to help retain their shape.

Storing Bras in Drawer

The Rule of Three

Pretty simple; if you are an active person (and we are told we all should be!) follow the rule of three. One to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer. Wear your bras in rotation so no single bra is continuously over-stressed. You should never wear the same bra more than once in a row. It needs time to spring back into place. If you rotate them they will thank you by lasting longer.

The Rule of Three

If You Love Them Let Them Go

We all have that favourite bra that fits perfectly and is oh so comfortable. But is it still performing the job you bought it to do? It may feel OK and look like it is still in one piece but on the inside it is exhausted and worn out. Your sports bra has served you well but it is time to move on. Sometimes sports bra care means ditching the old and embracing the new.

A commonly heard statement is that a sports bra should never have a birthday. And if you want to give your girls the support they need then follow this recommendation. Even the most well loved sports bra breaks down. The elastic loosens and the support breaks down. It is time to move on.

Give your sports bras a little love and they will thank you by continuing to support you for longer.

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