Sports Bra Focus – Triumph Triaction Magic Motion


Triumph are continually researching and tweaking their sports bras designs, making use of new fabrics and manufacturing technology.  They don’t disappoint with this new style, the Triaction Magic Motion Sports Bra.

Triumph’s research with active women found three common responses of what they wanted from their sports bra;

“I want to feel supported, while staying comfy”.

“Give me a versatile style I can wear from the office to the gym”.

“I want a sports bra that adapts to my curves”.

The Magic Motion bra is designed to satisfy these needs whilst also offering extreme impact support with 83% reduction in breast movement…now that’s great bounce control (tested by Portsmouth University).

We decided to put the bra to the test and see if it lives up to these claims.

Magic Motion Underwire

The Magic Motion bra features a soft touch underwire, which is said to offer the support of an underwire but the feeling and comfort of none.  I have to admit I was a little sceptical when reading about this new innovation, but when I tried the bra my scepticism vanished.  It really is incredibly soft and flexible. You can scrunch the bra up in your hands and not know there was actually an underwire there!  When you are wearing the bra the soft touch wire gives a lovely shape along the cures of your breasts and helps you feel supported.

Triumph Triaction Magic Motion Front Image


Triumph states that the cup material is breathable and the material on the back of the cup has antibacterial treatment and moisture management.  The bra is soft to touch and there are lots of ventilation panels with the mesh material. I found the bra very cool and breathable whilst running.  An added benefit was the slightly thicker fabric at the centre of the cups for a bit more modesty in cooler weather!  The material and shape of the cups gave a smooth outline under my shirt.  This is great for both exercise and all day wear.

Triumph Triaction Magic Motion Close Up


The straps are a permanent racer back design. Being nice and open allows a great range of motion and is also good for keeping your back cool.  The designers at Triumph have made the effort to make the straps quite pretty too.  You can fully adjust the length of the straps and it’s very easy to put the bra on and off.  I tried the bra with a number of different active wear tops, along with everyday shirts, and it worked well. A deep V neck may show the top of the bra, but this is the mesh section which actually looks OK (well I thought so!). 


It was fantastic being able to test the Triaction Magic Motion bra.  I wore the bra during a range of activities including trail running, gym classes and even jumping on the trampoline with the kids.  I found this bra really supportive and it offered a good degree of bounce control.  No problem supporting your breasts during high impact activities.

Triumph Triaction Magic Motion Back Image


I did love the Magic Motion Underwire.  I personally wear a range of sports bras, which include both wire free and underwired.  Generally I do prefer wire free bras for running and this is based on how comfortable I find them. The Magic Motion was incredibly comfortable.  As the wire is so soft and flexible it really does move with you.   No wire poking in your ribs or sudden reminders that you are wearing an underwire.  Wearing the bra for yoga was also comfortable, no digging in or discomfort as I twisted my body into weird and wonderful positions!

Triumph wanted to create a bra that could be worn from the office to the gym, so I also put this to the test.  No problem there, I would happily wear this bra all day.  It was also great on the weekend when the kids play an impromptu game of ‘tiggy’…no bouncing breasts on this mumma!

 I think Triumph have done a great job in the design of their new Magic Motion sports bra.


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