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Sports Bra Types

Low Impact

Low Impact Sports Bras

Provide light support for activities that create little breast bounce.  This includes activities such as yoga, pilates and walking.

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Medium Impact

Medium Impact Sports Bras

Provide support for activities that create a moderate amount of breast bounce. This includes activities such as cycling, martial arts, skiing, and power walking.  These can also be worn for low impact activities.

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High Impact

High Impact Sports Bras

Provide support for activities that create a high amount of breast bounce.  This includes activities such as running, dance, horse riding, aerobics and tennis.  These can also be worn for lesser impact activities.

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Extreme Impact

Extreme Impact Sports Bras

Provide the ultimate support for activities that create the highest levels of breast bounce.  This includes activities such as high intensity running and sports involving jumping such as basketball, netball and trampoline.  These can also be worn for lesser impact activities.

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New Balance Pace Printed Bra

Compression Sports Bras

Compress the breasts close to the body to provide good support and minimise unwanted movement. Ideal for small to medium cup sizes and low to medium impact activities.

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Dynamix Star Bra

Encapsulation Sports Bras

Have a defined cup structure that supports each breast individually. Provides maximum support with a feminine bust shape. Ideal for medium to large cup sizes and medium to high impact activities.

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Juno cobalt

Compression and Encapsulation Sports Bras

Use both compression and encapsulation to provide maximum support and comfort.  Ideal for all cup sizes and medium to high impact activities.

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Anita Active Padded Air Control

Padded Sports Bras

These sports bras offer extra volume and elegant shaping without compromising support and comfort. Perfect for those who want a little more or just want a little modesty in the cold.

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Berlei Scoria

Underwired Sports Bras

Contain underwire providing extra shaping and support, but the right fit is essential for comfort and performance.

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Anita Active Extreme Control

Wirefree Sports Bras

Can still offer great support and shaping for all cup sizes.  Also recommended for developing or sensitive breasts.

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Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Racerback

Racerback Sports Bras

Because they cinch in the back, the straps anchor the bra closer to the body, providing more support.  Ideal for running as they can reduce shoulder pressure.  Many have the option of racer back or wide straps.

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Triaction Zen Crop

Pullover Sports Bras

Typically cover the back more than clasp sports bras.  Generally have all over stretch and little adjustability so usually more suited to smaller cup sizes and lower impact activities.

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Triumph Triaction

Back Fastening Sports Bras

Have a traditional back clasp allowing greater adjustability to tighten or loosen the band.

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Amoena zipper bra

Front Fastening Sports Bras

Easy to put on and take off.  Choose a zip or a hook and eye fastening.  Does not allow for band size adjustability.

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Hotmilk maternity yoga bra

Maternity Sports Bras

Nursing your child should not mean compromising on a stylish and supportive sports bra.  We have a range of sports bras which allow you to nurse with ease.

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Anita Active mastectomy

Mastectomy Bras

We have options suitable for post surgery which offer full comfort and different levels of support.  Plus pockets for a full or partial breast form, symmetry shaper or enhancer.

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To measure your size it is best to wear an everyday well-fitting non-padded bra and use a fabric / flexible tape to measure in centimetres.

To help you further, brand specific size guidelines have been added to the product images of some of our sports bras.  Please also check these before ordering.

Back Size – Underbust measurement

Your bra back size is determined by your under bust measurement.  Place tape
measure around your body, underneath the bust, in line with the bottom of your bra’s hook & eye.  The tape should be taught but not uncomfortable.

Cup Size – Overbust measurement

Place the tape measure loosely over the fullest part of your breasts (usually over the nipple). This is best done when wearing a bra.  Ensure the tape measure is at the same height across your back as across your bust.

Your back size can be different to your clothing size as it relates to the width of your back and diaphragm.  A lady may wear size 12 clothes and a size 14C bra.

Now look at the Bra Fitting Chart below.  First find your underbust measurement (Back Size) in the left hand column, round up to the nearest cm if required.  Then find the corresponding Australian/NZ size in the grey column.  This determines your back size.

Once you have your back size, follow the row along until you find your cupsize measurement, again round up to the nearest cm if required.  This will determine your cup size.

Crop Tops

Crop tops can fit differently to cupped bras.  Generally speaking they are more similar to women’s clothing sizes.

XS = 8    S = 10   M = 12   L = 14   XL = 16    XXL = 18

However the correct size can be more accurately determined using your under bust and over bust measurements in the table below.  To understand how to take these measurements please see the explanation above.

Sports Bras Direct recommends crop tops for cup sizes A-D only. You must also check the specific style of crop top suits the level of impact you require.  Breasts that are bigger than a D cup require more specific support from a cup size sports bra.

Each Brand has a slight variation in their actual measurement guidelines for crop tops, so we have summarised the individual Brand’s advice in the table below.

If you are still unsure we would love to help you, please get in touch with our support team via live chat.