Sports Bras for Fuller Busts


If you are fuller in the bust it can be difficult to find a supportive sports bra.  It’s often even harder to find one that is also comfortable and looks good too. Many of the active wear brands in high street stores focus on crop top style bras giving little regard to cupped styles for those with a bit more up top. These styles usually don’t cut it if you’re bigger than a D cup.  This post examines some of the important sports bra features. Including things to consider when purchasing a bra with a larger cup size.

Important Features for Larger Cup Sizes

When you’re bigger busted your sports bra has to work harder to support the additional weight of increased breast tissue.  Restricting breast movement while you workout is important. As it helps to prevent breast pain and protect your delicate breast ligaments.  There are some design features to look out for to achieve this higher level of support and comfort for larger cup sizes.

Firm Band

It is a misconception that the support in a sports bra is based around the straps.  The under band plays a very important role in a sports bra level of support.  Look for a wider band that has a snug fit. It should feel much firmer than your everyday bra. But not be so tight as to restrict movement of cause discomfort. For endurance sports, such as long distance running. You also want to make sure that the band is made from a soft, seam free material to prevent chafing.

Sports Bras for Fuller Busts-Firm Band


Vigorous workouts and sports activities is not a time for showing off your cleavage.  A high coverage bra, both to the front and sides, will provide a greater level of support for larger cup sizes.  Greater coverage also prevents your breast tissue from spilling out when you bend and move in different directions.  Giving you support and comfort when you need it most.

Sports Bras for Fuller Busts-Coverage


Many ladies with larger busts know the discomfort of bra straps digging into your shoulders. For greater comfort look for wider straps made of a thicker material. Some sports bras also have padding in the straps to help make them feel more comfortable on your shoulders.  Crossover or racerback style straps can distribute the weight across your back and increase the level of support of your sports bras.

Sports Bras for Fuller Busts-Straps


Underwire or Wirefree

It is common for ladies with larger cup sizes to wear underwired everyday bras and then automatically gravitate to underwired sports bras too.  The underwire does help give great breast shape and definition, but it is still possible to achieve very high impact support from a non wired sports bra.  Sports bras are much more technical in design and don’t just rely on the underwire for support. Whether you go for underwired or wire free sports bra is usually based on personal preference of how the bra looks and feels while you are wearing it.  There are great sports bras for larger cup sizes in both wired and non wired styles.

For a full range of bras for larger cup sizes, check out our “Fuller Busted” sports bras pages.

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