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As the weather warms up and we start approaching tennis season it’s important to look at the condition of your sports bra, not just your racquet.  Tennis involves lots of running and jumping around the court, reaching for the volley or jumping for the overhead smash making it essential to make sure that your breasts are well supported.

Any sports that involve a lot of quick movements to the side or jumping up such as tennis, netball, basketball can place a lot of strain on your delicate breast ligaments.  It is important that you wear a sports bra with maximum bounce control and good coverage to reduce the movement of breast tissue.  No room for showing off a good cleavage!

Only the ball should bounce Sports Bras for Tennis

What features are important to look for in sports bras suitable for playing tennis?

Straps that won’t slip

When you are moving your arms around and changing direction a lot you do not want to be dealing with straps that slip down.  If you make your straps really tight to prevent slippage you can then experience strain on your shoulders.  Racer back or convertible cross over straps are a good option. Alternatively if you like regular style straps look for straps that have been well designed towards the middle of the back. This stops them slipping down your shoulders.

Anita Active DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra, Colour Peacock and Anthracite, Back View

Anita Active DynamiXstar

Good Coverage

When you are bent over waiting to receive the serve the last thing you want is your breasts spilling out the top of your bra.  A sports bra with good coverage at the front will prevent this.

Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra, Colour Electric Black, Front View









Freya Active Epic

High Impact Support

With all the on court movement, tennis is definitely a high impact sport.  You really need to make sure your sports bra is up to the task.  Ensure your bra is rated for high support and has maximum bounce reduction.  A sports bra that supports each breast individually (encapsulation) and uses some compression for support is a great option.  Whether the bra is wire free or under wired is just down to personal preference. The main priority is to find a sports bra with amazing support and is comfortable to wear.

Serena Williams has been working with the brand Berlei for a long time, not only endorsing and promoting their products but actually helping with the design based on her own requirements.  These are some of her favourites. Click on the image to find out more about these bras.

Glamorise High Impact Underwire Sport Bra, Colour Black Purple, Front View









Glamorise Sport High Impact

Unfortunately even the most supportive sports bra cannot completely stop breast bounce. If you are still experiencing some vertical breast movement it is advisable to further protect your delicate breast ligaments by adding some additional support across the top of your breasts using a Breastband.

PINKCLOVER Breastband, Colour Black, Beach








Moisture Wicking Soft Materials

Playing tennis in the summer months can be a hot and sweaty affair.  It is important that your sports bra can cope with this extra moisture on your skin.  Materials that absorb and wick away the sweat are beneficial and can help prevent any bra rubbing and chafing as you move around the court.  Soft, seam free bands and cup linings also help to prevent any unnecessary rubbing or discomfort.

So make sure you perform a thorough check of all your gear this tennis season. Raquet; check. Shoes; check. Great fitting, comfortable sports bra; double check!

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