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Do I need a different Sports Bra for different activities?

If you participate in many different activities. It is smart to equip yourself with several different styles of Sports Bras. High impact activities require Sports Bras with a high level of support. You can choose to wear a high impact Sports Bra for all your activities. However many woman prefer a less constrictive style for lower impact activities.

It is advisable to steer away from Low to Medium impact Sports Bras for activities that result in a high degree of breast bounce.  Low to Medium impact styles will not give you enough support during activities like running and netball.

If your chosen activity is a lower impact, such as weights or hiking. Then a low or medium impact sports bra should be sufficient.

You may also find that the larger the cup size, the higher level of support your breasts require, regardless of the activity.  However this is often a personal choice based on what feels comfortable.  If you would like further information about the different types of Sports Bras please visit our Fitting Room / Sports Bra Types

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