Why do Breasts Bounce?


It is a fact that every woman knows; when moving our breasts bounce. The more we move the more they bounce; boobology 101! Anyone who’s run for a train or up some stairs knows this all too well. Especially if you are only wearing your every day bra. But why do they bounce so much and why aren’t they given better natural support?

Breasts are the body part most affected by gravity given there is little natural support to hold them in place. They are primarily made of mammary glands and soft tissue with the only support offered by ‘Coopers Ligaments’. These are easily damaged by excessive breast movement. See our ‘Why Wear a Sports Bra?’ page for a bit more info. There are no muscles within the breast to help keep them in place. The chest muscles underneath offer no support to the breast itself.

So why aren’t they given better natural support?

So why aren’t they given better natural support? In a nutshell; simply because they don’t need it. Evolution generally only does things for a benefit and there is no benefit in supporting the breasts (apart from looking good!). I joke on this point but some Scientists believe that larger breasts and butts are our evolutionary way of attracting a mate. Which is why our breasts continue to get bigger, and unfortunately our butts! Women generally weren’t required to run (they were gatherers after all) so expending energy supporting our breasts wasn’t an evolutionary necessity.

So evolution put us here and with an average breast weight of approximately 1.5kgs (depending on size of course) and growing. The amount of bounce is getting greater. On average a woman’s breasts move 9cm with every step taken. This isn’t just up and down but also side to side. Break into a run and this boob movement can increase to 15cm with every stride! Wow. I don’t know about you but this fact makes me want to put on every sports bra I own before going for my next run. To put this into perspective, if a D-cup size woman runs for one kilometre taking 1000 steps her boobs will have also traveled as much as 150m. Ouch!

How do Our Breasts Move?

Another oddity of the breast movement world is that each boob has its own movement pattern, often moving independently in a ‘figure of eight’ pattern. Unfortunately the older we get the further our boobs travel. A study carried out by Portsmouth University’s Research Group in Breast Health – which used hi-tech sensors and 3D scanning to analyse the motion of breasts – monitored the boobs of two sets of women, aged 18 to 25 and 45 to 65, during brisk walks. Researchers discovered that while the younger women’s breasts mainly moved up and down, the older group’s bosoms moved more in all directions.

Professor Joanna Scurr, an expert in bio-mechanics of breasts, said ‘In all women, their right and left boobs move differently, depending on mass and how elastic they are. However in older women, there is more movement in both breasts, probably because the supporting structures are not as strong. You will tend to see a more U-shaped swing.’

Our relatively recent obsession with running and exercise (our only gathering is getting the washing in and picking up toys!) combined with ever increasing breast size has caused the bounce problem, so what is the solution. Simple, the active woman’s holy grail; a Sports Bra. Find the perfect sports bra for you and you’ll go a long way to eliminating the dreaded breast bounce for good. With new technologies and new complimentary products like the PINKCLOVER Breastband the days of having to wear two or more sports bras are well and truly behind us all.

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