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Sports Crop or Sports Bra. Which is Better?

Sports Crop or Sports Bra. Which is Better? I apologise in advance if this post turns into a rant. But it is an issue that makes my blood boil (maybe a bit of a harsh description!). It is the debate of sports bra or sports crop, which one should you wear. The quick answer is […]


Is it OK to Sleep in a Sports Bra?

Is it OK to Sleep in a Sports Bra? This is a question I get asked a lot and the answer and the simple answer is ‘yes’. There are many myths out there as to why you cannot sleep in a sports bra but there is no medical evidence that states you cannot (I checked […]


Best Running Sports Bras for Large Breasts

If you want to know my 10 best running sports bras for large breasts straight up then here it is. Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra & Anita Active Extreme Control Plus Sports Bra Panache Wirefree Sports Bra Glamorise Sport Adjustable Wirefree Sports Bra Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Bra […]


5 Ways to Prevent Sports Bra Chafing

I was recently tagged in an Insta post focusing on sports bra chafing (the poor girl!) The list of women commenting proved what I already knew; many women suffer sports bra chafe and are desperate for a solution! Anyone who has suffered sports bra chafe will know it is uncomfortable at best and painful at […]


10 Plus Size Sports Bra Fitting Tips

So, you are in the market for a new plus size sports bra. Exciting and daunting times. The biggest question you will face is how do I know it is the perfect fit for me? In this list of 10 plus size sports bra fitting tips we will explore everything plus size ladies need to […]


10 Sports Bra Myths Busted

During my life immersed in sports bras I have heard all the sports bra myths. I only need one sports bra. I need to wear two sports bras at once. Or my favourite, I’m an A cup, I don’t need a sports bra. There are plenty of sports bra myths flying around and this article […]


Can a Sports Bra Improve Your Sporting Performance?

The simple one-word answer is ‘yes’. There you go, question answered, article finished. Thanks for reading! Hang on, hang on. Surely it is not as simple as that. Of course not! For those that want more than a simple one-word answer. I have done extensive research and put this article together. It takes an in-depth […]


10 Best High Impact Sports Bras for Large Breasts

Those of you that follow my super informative blogs (Hey, what can I say. I know a thing or two about sports bras) know that I have compiled a few ’10 best of’ lists over the years. Again, what can I say? What is the point of having a wealth of sports bra knowledge if […]


Should You Consider a Wireless Sports Bra?

It is possibly the most divisive design aspect of a sports bra. Underwired sports bras vs Wireless sports bras. We women have our preference, and this is one feature on which we are often not willing to compromise. This love (or hate) can often be traced back to our youth. Mum took us bra shopping […]

My 10 Best Sports Bras

This is a question I get asked a lot; what are the best sports bras? But is one I avoid answering. Why? It is not an easy question to answer as one sports bra is not the best for all. We are all different sizes, shapes and do different activities. As such, no one sports […]


What Support Sports Bra Do I Need?

It is a question I get asked a lot; what support sports bra do I need? And the answer is not as simple as you might think. Those of you who follow my blogs know I am all about supporting women. You are out there trying to better yourself through exercise and I want to […]


5 Things to Consider When Wearing a Sports Bra in Public

I live on the Gold Coast and the weather here is supportive (see what I did there?) to wearing a sports bra in public. Warm sunshine and beautiful coastline are very conducive to donning the tights and sports bra and heading out for a beach walk. A short walk along the beach front at Burleigh […]

Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 3: The Cups

So, where has that three weeks gone? Can you believe we are already up to the final part of my three part ‘Sports Bra Fitting Essentials’ series? Last week we looked at Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 2: The Band. That’s now straps, and band done and dusted. Leaving only the cups to examine […]


Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 2: The Band

Last week’s article; Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 1: Shoulder Straps gave you an in depth look at everything you need to know to ensure the best possible shoulder strap fit. This was the ‘First Pillar’ of the ‘Three Pillars’ of sports bra fit. This week I will take an in depth look at […]


Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 1: Shoulder Straps

This article is the first in a three-part series titled ‘Sports Bra Fitting Essentials’. This week I am going to take an in depth look at shoulder straps. In the coming weeks I will look further in depth at ‘Bands’ and ‘Cups’. When fitting a sports bra, the ‘Three Pillars’ of fit are the straps, […]


My 5 Best Racerback Sports Bras + 3 Convertible Back Sports Bras

After last week’s blog ‘Sports Bra Back Types’ I had a fair bit of feedback asking me what my favourite racerback sports bras were. I for one love Racerback Sports Bras. My two favourite sports bras (which are on the list below) are racerback. It seems I am not alone as many of you also […]


Sports Bra Back Types

It seems that modern sports bras come in endless combinations of features. Underwired, wirefree, padded, pullover…the list goes on. Unpacking all this can be a nightmare for us women seeking to find the best sports bra for us. Today I am going to focus on one small aspect of these features: back types. Read on […]


2021, The Year Ahead

As I sit here writing this article, I am shaking my head in disbelief that it is almost the end of January. Where does the time go? My mother used to tell me that the older you get the quicker time goes. And now I am in my 40’s I can say with confidence she […]


Back to School Sports Bras

With schools recommencing very soon I was hoping to write this article for you a little earlier than I have. I must apologise but what a couple of weeks it has been. Sick kids and then sick me has put a stop to that. The only one holding up the fort was hubby! Anyway, I […]


Breasts Bouncing While Exercising? Here’s What to do.

  With Christmas done and dusted and the new year well and truly underway our thoughts begin to turn from the indulgence of the festive period to getting our fitness regimes back on track. If you are anything like me that also involves losing the extra kilos that have crept on! So, I have the […]


Understanding Sports Bra Sizes – What do they Mean?

Sports bra sizing is one of the most important but also one of the most confusing aspects of buying a sports bra. The combination on numbers and letters represent our back and cup size. But how can I fit a 12DD, 34DDD and also a 75E? No wonder we women get our sizing wrong so […]


The Best Sports Bras for Golf

Golf is a challenging game at the best of times. We all know it is very much mental as much as physical. You can hit the course fresh, fit and feeling great but if your mind is not on your game then you are already beaten. Even if you manage to hit the course with […]


Why Your Sports Bra Should Never Have a Birthday

When we are young, we look forward excitedly to our birthdays. As we get older our excitement wanes somewhat. We still like to celebrate but the excitement of getting older diminishes. One birthday we should never see is that of our sports bras. Why you ask? In this article I will take you through the […]

5 Things That Affect the Level of Breast Support You Need

Those of you who follow my blogs will know I am all about support. My mission in life to is to help every woman find the best supportive (and comfortable!) sports bra for them. And just between you and me I think I am doing a rather good job (there goes my trumpet blowing again). […]


My 10 Best Sports Bras for Horse Riding

Updated 8 February 2021 Looking back at my recent posts I have realised I haven’t done a ‘Best of’ post for a while. So, here we are. This week I am focusing on my 10 best sports bras for horse riding. This one is close to my heart as my daughter has just starting horse […]

Can Sports Bras Be Used For Swimming Square

Can Sports Bras be Used for Swimming?

With summer just around the corner our thoughts turn to the beach and hot summer days by the pool. Sounds good to me! I am not one to sit still. So, if you are like me a trip to the beach will often involve a walk or short run in the sand followed by a […]

4 Reasons to Wear a Bra Band Extender

As someone who obsesses about finding the perfect bra fit for myself and my customers a bra band extender is not something I would normally recommend. A sports bra either fits or it doesn’t, right? Not necessarily… As is always the case there are exceptions to every rule. A bra band extender may not suit […]

How to Prevent Sports Bra Straps from Falling Down

It is the bane of many active women. You are working hard and getting into your workout groove only to be interrupted by a rouge sports bra strap. You lift it up, it falls back down. Talk about a workout rhythm killer. So how do you prevent your sports bra straps from falling? It is […]

Finding Your Bra Size At Home

Finding Your Bra Size at Home

We all know the feeling. You have changed size and need to find your bra size before going shopping. You finally decide it is time to take on the dreaded sports bra shops. Only to come home confused and frustrated. Why is it so hard!!! I know firsthand this joy. I have spent 10 minutes […]

5 ways to prolong the life of your sports bra

5 Ways to Prolong Your Sports Bras Life

Things here in Australia have been a bit up and down this year to say the least. An economic life lived with Covid has proved good for some but not so good for many. Words like recession and unemployment are being thrown around more regularly. Now we all know the importance of wearing a sports […]

10 Best High Impact Sports Bras

My 10 Best High Impact Sports Bras

Updated 13 August 2021. For anyone wanting to cut to the chase here is my list of the 10 best high impact sports bras. Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra Panache Underwired Sports Bra Glamorise Sport High Impact Underwire Sport Bra Anita Active Momentum Underwire Sports Bra Berlei Shift Underwire Bra Shock Absorber […]

6 Reasons to Wear a Sports Bra Daily

Sports bras have come a long way in design and comfort. They are no longer unfashionable workout items of limited comfort that you wore to try and reduce breast bounce. They are now well-designed items crafted of technical fabrics that have been rigorously tested to reduce breast movement. For many of us they have become […]

10 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

It is common for many women to take their bra off as soon as they step inside their front door. But why? Surely their bra shouldn’t be that uncomfortable right? Unfortunately, in far too many cases it is a yes! The fact is many women are wearing the wrong bra size. Studies show that up […]

Sports Bra Science Keeps Larger Breasted Woman Moving

Sports Bra Science Keeps Larger Breasted Woman Moving

Sports bras have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simply two jock straps sewn together. Considerable scientific and technological research goes into designing and making modern sports bras. And who is the benefit of all this effort? Us, the sports bra user. All women benefit from wearing a good sports bra and […]

10 Best Sports Bras for Walking

10 Best Sports Bras for Walking.

Following my last article ‘Sports Bras for Walking’ got a lot of feedback asking what my favourite walking sports bras were. So, I have taken the time to put together my ‘best of’ list; my ’10 Best Sports Bras for Walking’. Even though walking is considered a low to medium impact activity it is still […]

How to find a Sports Bra for Walking

Sports Bras for Walking

With the whole world in various levels of COVID lockdown and restrictions on the types of exercise we can do walking has become the go to daily exercise for a great many of us. But what should you consider when getting yourself a sports bra for walking? Choosing the right sports bra for walking is […]

We Will Get Through This Together.

Hi, Amy here, We are in unprecedented times that are affecting all aspects of our society. Things are changing daily and keeping abreast of what’s happening can be difficult and daunting. Now I am not an expert in infectious viruses so have been diligently following the governments advice on how best to protect myself, my […]

10 Best Sports Bras for Big Busts

10 Best Sports Bras for Big Busts

Updated 8 February 2021. OK, time for the third in my series of ‘Best Ofs’. Last time I listed my ‘Top 10 Plus Size Sports Bras’. I’ve done larger backs it’s now time for larger busts. So this week I am going to answer the question; what are the best sports bras for big busts? […]

10 Best Plus Size Sports Bras

10 Best Plus Size Sports Bras

Updated 17 August 2021. If you want to see my 10 best plus size sports bras list straight up here it is:  Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra  Glamorise Sport Adjustable Wirefree Sports Bra  Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support Bra  Royce Lingerie Impact Free Sports Bra & Impact Free D-FF Sports Bra  Goddess Sport […]

Best Sports Bras for Running

10 Best Sports Bras for Running

Updated 20 August 2021 For those that want to see my list of the 10 best sports bras for running straight up here it is. Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Anita Active DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra Triumph Triaction Extreme Lite Sports Bra Panache Wirefree Sports Bra Glamorise Sport Adjustable Wirefree Sport Bra Freya Active Epic […]

12 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Online

12 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Next Sports Bra Online

Greatly increase your chance of success when buying your next sports bra online with these 12 expert questions. Why You Might Buy a Sports Bra Online  Your local store has a very poor range. Many stores have limited floor space and stocking a large range of brands, styles and sizes just isn’t possible. You just […]

11 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Sports Bra

11 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Sports Bra

Greatly increase your chance of success when buying your next sports bra with these 11 expert tips. DID YOU KNOW? Your breasts can move up and down up to 19cm during exercise? PAINFUL! DID YOU KNOW? 1 in 5 women are put off exercise because of their breasts? Wow, that’s like 20% (yes, I am […]

Is it OK to Wear a Sports Bra all the Time

Is it OK to wear a sports bra all the time?

OK, this week I am going to answer a question I often get asked; is it OK to wear a sports bra all the time? Now I can understand why I get asked this question. After all we all love our sports bras. And what’s not to love, they’re our comfortable and supportive friend that […]

The Four Important Things to Me

Wow time really does fly. Sports Bras Direct (SBD) has been open for 2 and ½ years now and we have been operating as a not-for-profit business for 1 and ½ of those years. I thought with Christmas just around the corner I would write about the four important things to me. We all have […]

Brand in Focus - Berlei_Serena WIlliams

Brand in Focus: Berlei

This week I’m taking a look at Iconic Australian bra brand in focus – Berlei. We all know them, they are synonymous with women’s underwear in Australia. But what are their beginnings and what path did they take to become so prominent in Australia? A Short History Pretty much every Aussie woman knows the Berlei […]

Racerback Sports Bras: Why You Need One

In my opinion at least one Racerback Sports Bra is a must have in your kitbag. They are comfortable, supportive and fit well under any top. I love singlet style tops so hiding those dreaded bra straps is a must. They are a great combination with almost any type of top. What is a Racerback […]

Brand in Focus: Freya Active

Freya, the revolutionary bra brand, was launched in 1998 with a mission to make women with larger bust sizes feel great and look amazing: ‘an awesome mission we love’.  In 1999, just a year after the brand’s launch, they entered the digital space with the creation of the Freya Active website, bringing their great fitting […]

12 Interesting Facts About Breasts

Not all things are created equal and your Breasts are no exception.  Soft or firm, perky or drooped, slender or round, no matter what shape or size they come in they are amazing ‘assets’ to the female anatomy. There are many interesting facts about breasts and in this article we take a look at 12 […]

Breast Sag: How to Prevent It

We all know breast size and shape vary greatly from person to person.  The one thing that does not vary is the effect of gravity on our breasts. Over time it will inevitably cause our breasts to ‘sag’. We can’t remove gravity but there are things we can do to help prevent the dreaded sag. […]

Sports Bras for Cycling

So you’re after a Sports Bra for cycling. Most of us when we think of cycling conjure up an image of the lycra clad folk spinning down the road in the morning traffic. Not much bounce there but you’ll still need support. Take things off road and the bounce can become truly uncomfortable. Your mountain […]

Brand in Focus - Triumph International

Brand Focus: Triumph International

We all know Triumph International and we all (well most of us!) love wearing Triumph sports bras. But how did Triumph get to where it is today? The story is 133 years in the making. How It All Began Triumph Internationals journey began in a barn in Germany in 1886. From here, the tiny German […]

Choosing a Sports Bra

Choosing a Sports Bra

So you are looking for a new sports bra, but where do you start? Choosing a sports bra is a minefield, there are a myriad of brands and styles out there all offering something different. Combine this with the fact that we women are all different, do different activities and have different fashion styles. OMG! […]

Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts

The Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts

Here is my list of the best sports bras for large breasts. Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Bra Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra Glamorise Adjustable Wirefree Sports Bra Sculptresse Non-Padded Sports Bra Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bras Elomi Energise Underwired Sports Bra Panache Wirefree Sports Bra Panache Underwired Sports Bra Royce […]

Breast Size and Exercise

Breast Size and Exercise

We All Know It Having larger breasts can make certain exercises and activities more difficult to perform. Often the larger the breast size the harder it is to be active. In fact breast size may keep some women from being as active as they’d like according to a new paper published in the Journal of […]

Cadenshae Symbol

Brand in Focus: Cadenshae

4 Years Young So what is the Cadenshae Brand? Working as a personal trainer at the time of the birth of her first child in 2013, Nikki realised through her own experience there was a gap in the market for functional and stylish clothes for breastfeeding mothers. She couldn’t find any clothes she could wear […]

Sports Bra Care – Looking After Your Investment

Sports Bra Care – Looking After Your Investment

So you’ve finally bitten the bullet and replaced your old, worn out Sports Bra with a shiny new one. How good does it feel? Supported once again! You don’t realise how unsupportive your old one was until you don a new one. As we all know good sports bras are not cheap. We want to […]

Mum Breastfeeding Baby

Exercising Whilst Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know.

So you’re pregnant, congratulations. Life is about to change in so many ways and your pregnancy journey will change your body in many ways. One of the least desired of these changes is weight gain. As the saying goes you are now eating for two (well maybe one and a half!) and are often craving […]

Sports bra after implants blog image

Finding the Right Sports Bra After Breast Implants

Being able to return to exercise is a significant milestone after breast augmentation.  Finding the right sports bra after breast implants isn’t always easy. The Sports Bra you used to wear will not fit properly or provide the level of support you need for your new breasts.  Instead of just wearing any old sports bra, […]

sports bras for fuller busts blog featured image

Sports Bras for Fuller Busts

If you are fuller in the bust it can be difficult to find a supportive sports bra.  It’s often even harder to find one that is also comfortable and looks good too. Many of the active wear brands in high street stores focus on crop top style bras giving little regard to cupped styles for […]

Sports Bras: The Three Main Back Types

We all know what the front of our sports bra does; it holds our assets. Hopefully firmly in place whilst we bounce all over the place. What about the back of your sports bra? What does it do to help keep your girls in place? And what do the different  sports bra back types each […]

5 Reasons Your Breasts Are Sore

5 Reasons Your Breasts Are Sore

Most of the time they just sit there minding their own business regardless of their size or shape but now and then (all the time for some of us!), damn, they can be painful. But why? We look at 5 reasons your breasts are sore. Breast pain can occur for a number of reasons; bra […]

Anita Active DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra

Sports Bra Focus: Anita Active DynamiXstar

Today I will be taking a look at one of my favourites; the  Anita Active DynamiXstar sports bra.  As Anita say; ‘it is a global innovation’ that has received the “Red Dot Award”.   What is the ‘Red Dot Award’ you ask, it is an award from one of the most highly rated and renowned design […]

Why do Breasts Bounce?

Why do Breasts Bounce?

It is a fact that every woman knows; when moving our breasts bounce. The more we move the more they bounce; boobology 101! Anyone who’s run for a train or up some stairs knows this all too well. Especially if you are only wearing your every day bra. But why do they bounce so much […]

working out with a partner blog

Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

Working out with a partner is a great way of combining exercise and a catch up, but do we actually get the job done or does the chatting take over?  A lot may depend on the chosen activity and the chosen friend, but there are definitely some added benefits of working out with a partner […]

Things Your Sports Bra Should be Doing_01

Things Your Sports Bra Should Do

If you exercise you’ll appreciate all your sports bra does to keep you comfortable and supported.  And if you don’t then perhaps it is not doing everything you expect it to do. What outwardly appears to be a pretty simple piece of clothing can actually be pretty complicated considering all the elements it can have […]

Should Female Riders Wear a Sports Bra

Equestrian Hub Blog: Should Female Riders Wear a Sports Bra?

I recently wrote this blog at the request of Equestrian Hub to provide sports bra advice to their female readers so thought I would put a copy here to help all female riders find the best bra for them. It’s all about sports bras for horse riders! I recently (I have been busy recently!) read […]

Cricket Gear

Sports Bras for Cricket

Updated 17 August 2021. Straight up I will list my favourite sports bras for cricket. Anita Active Momentum Wirefree Sports Bra. Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra. Freya Active Core Underwired Sports Bra. Glamorise Sport Elite Adjustable Wirefree Sport Bra. Berlei Electrify Mesh Underwire Sports Bra. Triumph Triaction Extreme Lite Sports Bra. Panache Wirefree Sports Bra. […]

Sports Bras for Tennis main image

Sports Bras for Tennis

Updated 17 August 2021. Features that are infortant when selecting a sports bra for tennis are; Straps that won’t slip. Good coverage. High impact support. Soft, moisture wicking materials. Read on to find out more. As the weather warms up and we start approaching tennis season it’s important to look at the condition of your […]

Glamorise Sport Brand Focus

Brand in Focus: Glamorise Sport

Sports Bras Direct are excited to announce that we now stock Glamorise Sports Bras.  But who are Glamorise?  The Glamorise brand was founded in 1921 in New York and originally focused on bras for full figured women.  The brand grew worldwide and eventually incorporated Glamorise Sport, a pioneer in the sports bra industry.  Glamorise now caters […]

Sports Bras Direct - A Social Enterprise

We Are Becoming A Social Enterprise

Sports Bras Direct is evolving to become a Social Enterprise. Consequently we are incredibly excited about this change.  Hence we wanted to explain what this really means and the difference we can all make together. The Origins of Sports Bras Direct My own struggle finding a great fitting sports bra planted the seed for Sports […]

Exercising with Bigger Breasts

Exercising with Bigger Breasts

Updated 8 February 2021. Let’s be honest, exercising with bigger breasts can be a nightmare.  Breast pain, back pain, feeling self conscious, inability to do certain exercises or positions. All of these are common complaints. In a 2015 issue of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, a study by British researchers identified breast insecurities […]

10 minute cardio workout feature image

10 Minute Cardio Blast for When you are Short on Time

When you are short on time it’s easy to forego your run or visit to the gym.  However research has shown that small bursts of activity on a regular basis have measurable health benefits.  Not only is a cardio blast great for your body, it also helps you to calm your mind too, gaining some […]

motivated in winter

Motivation During Winter: 7 Tips to Keep You Moving

We are mid way through winter, and it’s very common during the colder months to lose your motivation to keep active.  Cold nights and shorter days are definitely not as appealing as warm mornings and bright sunshine.  Its hard to leave the warmth of your bed and head outside, but leading an active lifestyle means […]

Triumph Triaction Magic Motion Sports Bra

Sports Bra Focus – Triumph Triaction Magic Motion

Triumph are continually researching and tweaking their sports bras designs, making use of new fabrics and manufacturing technology.  They don’t disappoint with this new style, the Triaction Magic Motion Sports Bra. Triumph’s research with active women found three common responses of what they wanted from their sports bra; “I want to feel supported, while staying […]

Bra fitting image

10 Common Sports Bra Fitting Problems and How to Solve Them

A sports bra is an essential piece of exercise equipment for women, but unfortunately sports bra fitting problems are common.  You shouldn’t have to put up with an uncomfortable or poor fitting sports bra.  We have summarised the 10 most common fitting issues to help you find a more suitable size or style to support […]

Woman running

Treadmill vs Outdoor Running

Some runners (or walkers) crave the great outdoors while others like the simplicity of the treadmill. Is there really a big difference with running?  Is one better than the other?  There is no simple answer as there are pros and cons to each, a lot depends on your training goals. Let’s take a look at […]

History of the Sports Bra

History of the Sports Bra

In today’s modern world there is a huge range of varied activities available to women. From the simplicity of a morning walk to the weird and wonderful like Twerking and just about everything in between. Until relatively recently this wasn’t the case. With sport availability often restricted from women.  Jogging became the new fitness craze […]

Pilates or Yoga

Are you thinking of taking up pilates or yoga and not sure which one to go for?  It is common to find that some women are devoted to their morning yoga while others are pilates advocates.  They are both low-impact workouts which appear to offer similar benefits around lengthening and strengthening the body.  So how […]

Chocolate easter eggs

A Healthier Easter

For many of us Easter involves taking a few days off work, over indulging on chocolate and hot cross buns and missing out on exercise as your regular class is cancelled.  Certainly we at SBD are all for a little over indulgence now and again, but the best approach is to try and achieve some […]

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support

Brand in Focus – Shock Absorber

It all began for Shock Absorber UK in 1994. Research carried out at Edinburgh University in Scotland initiates the development of their original sports bra. This bra, designed specifically to counteract the negative effects of exercise on women’s breasts, was a breakthrough for women athletes worldwide. Following this Shock Absorber developed a range of sports […]

The Anatomy of a Sports Bra

Sports bra’s have revolutionised breast comfort and support for active women.  From the humble beginnings of the first sports bra, created in 1977 from two jockstraps sewn together. To the high tech fabrics and designs of today’s modern sports bras.  But what do the different components of the sports bra actually do?  This post examines […]

Can Sports Bras be Used for Everyday Wear?

Updated 3 February 2021. Can Sports Bras be Used for Everyday Wear? Historically sports bras were only considered for those hot sweaty workouts or sports sessions. But over more recent times they have become a fashion favourite. Visible on footpaths and in parks Australia wide.  More and more women are choosing comfort over cleavage and […]

Brooks Featured Image

Brand in Focus – Brooks Moving Comfort

We love the quality and comfort of the Brooks Moving Comfort sports bras. Also they are popular with our customers too. With the Juno being the leader of the pack.  By understanding the unique needs of active women, Moving Comfort has perfected fit, support and comfort. Hence becoming a leader in sports bra design and […]

Brooks Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra_Lifestyle

Sports Bra Bestsellers 2017

In 2017 Sports Bras Direct supported a lot of women. So what were the most purchased sports bras? We’ve run our finger over the numbers and come up with SBD’s top 10 for 2017. Interestingly they were all high to extreme impact bras (women want a lot of support) and included two maternity styles (go […]

Sports Bra Impact Level - What Does it Mean

Sport Bra Impact Levels – What Do They Mean?

You’ve recently reignited your running career after some time off. You dust off your shoes, slip on your faithful yoga sports bra and outfit and hit the pavement. Not long into your run and your boobs are hurting! Bounce, bounce, bounce. Ow, ow, ow. Getting home you check your bra; it’s rated ‘Low Impact’. What […]

Blog - Are Sports Bras Needed for Low Impact Activities

Are Sports Bras Needed for Low Impact Activities?

Information on sports bras and breast support is often related to activities involving lots of fast movement or jumping.  However what about those lower impact activities such as walking, pilates and yoga?  These are all slower moving activities that are incredible for our bodies; aiding in areas such as strength, flexibility and focus.  But what […]

Banish The Bounce

Cavalletti Clips Video

SBD were really proud to be approached by Cavalletti Equine Marketplace. They asked us to be involved in a Cavalletti clips video they were creating for their facebook followers.  The owner of Cavalletti, Kate Majors, had realised that bouncing breasts were a real issue for horse riding ladies.  She had seen first hand women at […]

Elomi Energise Front View

Elomi Energise Sports Bra Review

Nothing we love more than a great sports bra (pretty obvious huh). For the fuller busted ladies out there they don’t come much better than the Elomi Energise. Here at SBD we are excited to announce we now stock this awesome Sports Bra. Providing you with even greater choice of styles and sizes.  This high […]

Caring for your Breasts Blog

Your Breasts and the Big ‘C’

At SBD we are all about helping you achieve the best support for your breasts with our great range of Sports Bras. But we also want to make sure you are armed with current knowledge about how to look after your breasts to keep them healthy and the big ‘C’ at bay.  It is never […]

New Product Release – PINKCLOVER Breastband

I love helping active women find the best support for their breasts. As many of you know it was my own personal struggle in this area that gave me the determination to find women a better solution… was born.  The most common question that women ask me is “what will stop the bounce?”  There are […]

Maternity Sports Bras

A Spotlight on Maternity Sports Bras

While I was pregnant I often heard that exercising for 30 minutes or more a day during pregnancy and breastfeeding is important to stay fit and healthy. Helping you feel good.  Try telling my swollen tender boobs that!  Even brisk walking was uncomfortable for my sore breasts during pregnancy.  The only exercise I managed in […]

Sports Bras: What Does ‘Compression’ or ‘Encapsulation’ Actually Mean?

A well-fitting, supportive sports bra goes a long way in reducing physical and psychological discomfort during exercise.  However with so many sports bras on the market choosing the right one can be a minefield.  Finding an all round ‘best’ sports bra suiting every woman is an impossible task as every woman’s requirements are different. We […]

Anita Active Logo

Brand in Focus – Anita Active

At Sports Bras Direct we love the Anita Active range.  Innovative materials, functional designs and quality workmanship ensure they are incredibly comfortable to wear, like a second skin, whilst still providing brilliant support.  A definite go to bra for me.  I realise that some women will not be familiar with the brand so I thought I […]

Sports Bras Are A Must For Active Teens

There are many activities available for young girls to participate in and often a specific team uniform or sporting equipment is required.  However there is one piece of equipment that should be a priority for all active female teenagers…A Sports Bra for Teenagers! Young girls develop at different ages and there can be a vast […]

Activity - Equestrian

Should Horse Riders Wear a Sports Bra?

Should Horse Riders Wear a Sports Bra? Updated 8 February 2021. I recently read a statistic that around 90% of marathon runners say they always wear a sports bra, yet as few as 14% of horse riders follow suit. Should horse riders wear a Sports Bra?..…Absolutely YES! The Evidence: Horse riding creates a large amount […]

Underwired and Wire Free Sports Bras

Underwired or Wirefree Sports Bras

Whether you choose an underwired or wirefree sports bra is very much down to personal choice.  But how much is our choice dictated by our experience and preference with an everyday bra? Are there actually any significant pros and cons between underwired and wirefree sports bras? Differences that we should be basing our decision on? […]

worn out bra on model

Is it Time to Replace Your Sports Bra?

You finally find that perfect sports bra. It’s really comfortable and supports you in all the right places. You never want to let it go.  But sports bras are given a much greater workout than your every day bra . And still need to continually provide your breasts with the same level of support and […]

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Do you know your current bra size?

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    I confidently know my size.

  • I'm not sure
    I think so but I would like to check.

  • I have no idea
    Don't worry. A couple of quick measurements and we'll find your size.

What is your back size?

How does the band of your current sports bra fit?

Please select one

  • Too small

    It feels uncomfortably tight and digs in.

  • Just right

    It fits just fine.

  • Too big

    It feels to loose and rides up over time.

What is your cup size?

How do the cups of your current sports bra fit?

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  • Too small

    There is overspill or I bulge out.

  • Just right

    They fit just fine.

  • Too big

    There is gaping or wrinkling.

Step 1: Measure your back size?

With a non-padded bra on measure around your chest, directly below your bust. The tape measure should be horizontal around your body and should not drop in the back.

Select your measurement

Step 2: Measure your cup size?

With a non-padded bra on measure around the fullest part of your bust (about where your nipples are). Make sure the tape is taut and horizontal.

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What support level would you like?

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  • Low Support

    Yoga, Pilates, Walking.

  • Medium Support

    Gym, Cycling, Golf.

  • High Support

    Running, Equestrian, Aerobics.

Would you like Underwired or Wirefree?

Please select one

  • Underwired

    Contains shaped wire that sits under the breasts.

  • Wirefree

    Does not contain wire within the cup structure.

  • Don't mind

    Either is fine.

What features are you looking for?

Please select all that apply (leave blank if none apply).

  • Convertible / Racerback

    The straps anchor the sports bra closer to the body.

  • Regular Back

    Vertical straps just like an everyday bra.

  • Padded / Moulded

    Offer extra volume or elegant shaping to the breasts.

  • Non-Padded

    Lightweight cups for a natural fit and appearance.

  • Compression

    Compress the breasts close to the body.

  • Encapsulation

    Encapsulates and supports each breast individually.

  • Compression & Encapsulation

    Compresses and encapsulates each breast individually.

  • Maternity

    If you want a Maternity Sports Bra only select this option.

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