What Support Sports Bra Do I Need?


It is a question I get asked a lot; what support sports bra do I need? And the answer is not as simple as you might think. Those of you who follow my blogs know I am all about supporting women. You are out there trying to better yourself through exercise and I want to make sure you have the best possible breast support whilst you do. In this article I am going the answer this question. Allowing you to ensure you have the best support sports bra for you. Read on. Size Matters When it comes to breasts and… Read More »


5 Things to Consider When Wearing a Sports Bra in Public


I live on the Gold Coast and the weather here is supportive (see what I did there?) to wearing a sports bra in public. Warm sunshine and beautiful coastline are very conducive to donning the tights and sports bra and heading out for a beach walk. A short walk along the beach front at Burleigh reveals many women walking, jogging or running with their sports bra proudly on show. I love it, free the belly and get outside with pride. One thing that does make me shudder. Seeing a young, full breasted woman running along the path in her strappy… Read More »

Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 3: The Cups


So, where has that three weeks gone? Can you believe we are already up to the final part of my three part ‘Sports Bra Fitting Essentials’ series? Last week we looked at Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 2: The Band. That’s now straps, and band done and dusted. Leaving only the cups to examine to finish our trilogy. Thus ensuring you have the perfect fitting sports bra. This final pillar is just as important as the other two. And as we know, successfully accomplish all three pillars and you have reached sports bra fitting nirvana! Read on to discover… Read More »


Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 2: The Band


Last week’s article; Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 1: Shoulder Straps gave you an in depth look at e... Read More »

Sports Bra Fitting Essentials – Part 1: Shoulder Straps


This article is the first in a three-part series titled ‘Sports Bra Fitting Essentials’. This week I am goi... Read More »

My 5 Best Racerback Sports Bras + 3 Convertible Back Sports Bras


After last week’s blog ‘Sports Bra Back Types’ I had a fair bit of feedback asking me what my favourite rac... Read More »

Sports Bra Back Types


It seems that modern sports bras come in endless combinations of features. Underwired, wirefree, padded, pu... Read More »

2021, The Year Ahead


As I sit here writing this article, I am shaking my head in disbelief that it is almost the end of January.... Read More »

Back to School Sports Bras


With schools recommencing very soon I was hoping to write this article for you a little earlier than I have... Read More »

Breasts Bouncing While Exercising? Here’s What to do.


  With Christmas done and dusted and the new year well and truly underway our thoughts begin to turn f... Read More »

Understanding Sports Bra Sizes – What do they Mean?


Sports bra sizing is one of the most important but also one of the most confusing aspects of buying a sport... Read More »

The Best Sports Bras for Golf


Golf is a challenging game at the best of times. We all know it is very much mental as much as physical. Yo... Read More »

Why Your Sports Bra Should Never Have a Birthday


When we are young, we look forward excitedly to our birthdays. As we get older our excitement wanes somewha... Read More »

5 Things That Affect the Level of Breast Support You Need


Those of you who follow my blogs will know I am all about support. My mission in life to is to help every w... Read More »

My 10 Best Sports Bras for Horse Riding


Updated 8 February 2021 Looking back at my recent posts I have realised I haven’t done a ‘Best of’ post for... Read More »
Can Sports Bras Be Used For Swimming Square

Can Sports Bras be Used for Swimming?


With summer just around the corner our thoughts turn to the beach and hot summer days by the pool. Sounds g... Read More »

4 Reasons to Wear a Bra Band Extender


As someone who obsesses about finding the perfect bra fit for myself and my customers a bra band extender i... Read More »

How to Prevent Sports Bra Straps from Falling Down


It is the bane of many active women. You are working hard and getting into your workout groove only to be i... Read More »
Finding Your Bra Size At Home

Finding Your Bra Size at Home


We all know the feeling. You have changed size and need to find your bra size before going shopping. You fi... Read More »
5 ways to prolong the life of your sports bra

5 Ways to Prolong Your Sports Bras Life


Things here in Australia have been a bit up and down this year to say the least. An economic life lived wit... Read More »
10 Best High Impact Sports Bras

My 10 Best High Impact Sports Bras


Updated 2 February 2021. So, after a bit of side-tracking (my favourite past time!) I am back focusing on m... Read More »

6 Reasons to Wear a Sports Bra Daily


Sports bras have come a long way in design and comfort. They are no longer unfashionable workout items of l... Read More »

10 Signs You Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size


It is common for many women to take their bra off as soon as they step inside their front door. But why? Su... Read More »
Sports Bra Science Keeps Larger Breasted Woman Moving

Sports Bra Science Keeps Larger Breasted Woman Moving


Sports bras have come a long way from their humble beginnings as simply two jock straps sewn together. Cons... Read More »
10 Best Sports Bras for Walking

10 Best Sports Bras for Walking.


Following my last article ‘Sports Bras for Walking’ got a lot of feedback asking what my favourite walking ... Read More »
How to find a Sports Bra for Walking

Sports Bras for Walking


With the whole world in various levels of COVID lockdown and restrictions on the types of exercise we can d... Read More »

We Will Get Through This Together.


Hi, Amy here, We are in unprecedented times that are affecting all aspects of our society. Things are chang... Read More »
10 Best Sports Bras for Big Busts

10 Best Sports Bras for Big Busts


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10 Best Plus Size Sports Bras

10 Best Plus Size Sports Bras


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Best Sports Bras for Running

10 Best Sports Bras for Running


Updated 4 February 2021 Ok, this week I am going to answer a question I get asked a lot; What is the best s... Read More »
12 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Online

12 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Your Next Sports Bra Online


Greatly increase your chance of success when buying your next sports bra online with these 12 expert questi... Read More »
11 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Sports Bra

11 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Sports Bra


Greatly increase your chance of success when buying your next sports bra with these 11 expert tips. DID YOU... Read More »
Is it OK to Wear a Sports Bra all the Time

Is it OK to wear a sports bra all the time?


OK, this week I am going to answer a question I often get asked; is it OK to wear a sports bra all the time... Read More »

The Four Important Things to Me


Wow time really does fly. Sports Bras Direct (SBD) has been open for 2 and ½ years now and we have been ope... Read More »
Brand in Focus - Berlei_Serena WIlliams

Brand in Focus: Berlei


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Racerback Sports Bras: Why You Need One


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Brand in Focus: Freya Active


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12 Interesting Facts About Breasts


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Breast Sag: How to Prevent It


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Sports Bras for Cycling


So you’re after a Sports Bra for cycling. Most of us when we think of cycling conjure up an image of ... Read More »
Brand in Focus - Triumph International

Brand Focus: Triumph International


We all know Triumph International and we all (well most of us!) love wearing Triumph sports bras. But how d... Read More »
Choosing a Sports Bra

Choosing a Sports Bra


So you are looking for a new sports bra, but where do you start? Choosing a sports bra is a minefield, ther... Read More »
Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts

The Best Sports Bras For Large Breasts


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Breast Size and Exercise

Breast Size and Exercise


We All Know It Having larger breasts can make certain exercises and activities more difficult to perform. O... Read More »
Cadenshae Symbol

Brand in Focus: Cadenshae


4 Years Young So what is the Cadenshae Brand? Working as a personal trainer at the time of the birth of her... Read More »
Sports Bra Care – Looking After Your Investment

Sports Bra Care – Looking After Your Investment


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Mum Breastfeeding Baby

Exercising Whilst Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know.


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Finding the Right Sports Bra After Breast Implants


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Sports Bras for Fuller Busts


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Sports Bras: The Three Main Back Types


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5 Reasons Your Breasts Are Sore

5 Reasons Your Breasts Are Sore


Most of the time they just sit there minding their own business regardless of their size or shape but now a... Read More »
Anita Active DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra

Sports Bra Focus: Anita Active DynamiXstar


Today I will be taking a look at one of my favourites; the  Anita Active DynamiXstar sports bra.  As Anita ... Read More »
Why do Breasts Bounce?

Why do Breasts Bounce?


It is a fact that every woman knows; when moving our breasts bounce. The more we move the more they bounce;... Read More »
working out with a partner blog

Benefits of Working Out With a Partner


Working out with a partner is a great way of combining exercise and a catch up, but do we actually get the ... Read More »
Things Your Sports Bra Should be Doing_01

Things Your Sports Bra Should Do


If you exercise you’ll appreciate all your sports bra does to keep you comfortable and supported.  And if y... Read More »
Should Female Riders Wear a Sports Bra

Equestrian Hub Blog: Should Female Riders Wear a Sports Bra?


I recently wrote this blog at the request of Equestrian Hub to provide sports bra advice to their female re... Read More »
Cricket Gear

Sports Bras for Cricket


Sports Bras for Cricket Well we’ve had a look at Tennis and the features good sports bras should have to ke... Read More »
Sports Bras for Tennis main image

Sports Bras for Tennis


As the weather warms up and we start approaching tennis season it’s important to look at the condition of y... Read More »
Glamorise Sport Brand Focus

Brand in Focus: Glamorise Sport


Sports Bras Direct are excited to announce that we now stock Glamorise Sports Bras.  But who are Glamorise?... Read More »
Sports Bras Direct - A Social Enterprise

We Are Becoming A Social Enterprise


Sports Bras Direct is evolving to become a Social Enterprise. Consequently we are incredibly excited about ... Read More »
Exercising with Bigger Breasts

Exercising with Bigger Breasts


Updated 8 February 2021. Let’s be honest, exercising with bigger breasts can be a nightmare.  Breast pain, ... Read More »
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10 Minute Cardio Blast for When you are Short on Time


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Motivation During Winter: 7 Tips to Keep You Moving


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Triumph Triaction Magic Motion Sports Bra

Sports Bra Focus – Triumph Triaction Magic Motion


Triumph are continually researching and tweaking their sports bras designs, making use of new fabrics and m... Read More »
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10 Common Sports Bra Fitting Problems and How to Solve Them


A sports bra is an essential piece of exercise equipment for women, but unfortunately sports bra fitting pr... Read More »
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Treadmill vs Outdoor Running


Some runners (or walkers) crave the great outdoors while others like the simplicity of the treadmill. Is th... Read More »
History of the Sports Bra

History of the Sports Bra


In today’s modern world there is a huge range of varied activities available to women. From the simplicity ... Read More »

Pilates or Yoga


Are you thinking of taking up pilates or yoga and not sure which one to go for?  It is common to find that ... Read More »
Chocolate easter eggs

A Healthier Easter


For many of us Easter involves taking a few days off work, over indulging on chocolate and hot cross buns a... Read More »
Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Support

Brand in Focus – Shock Absorber


It all began for Shock Absorber UK in 1994. Research carried out at Edinburgh University in Scotland initia... Read More »

The Anatomy of a Sports Bra


Sports bra’s have revolutionised breast comfort and support for active women.  From the humble beginnings o... Read More »

Can Sports Bras be Used for Everyday Wear?


Updated 3 February 2021. Can Sports Bras be Used for Everyday Wear? Historically sports bras were only cons... Read More »
Brooks Featured Image

Brand in Focus – Brooks Moving Comfort


We love the quality and comfort of the Brooks Moving Comfort sports bras. Also they are popular with our cu... Read More »
Brooks Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bra_Lifestyle

Sports Bra Bestsellers 2017


In 2017 Sports Bras Direct supported a lot of women. So what were the most purchased sports bras? We’ve run... Read More »
Sports Bra Impact Level - What Does it Mean

Sport Bra Impact Levels – What Do They Mean?


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Blog - Are Sports Bras Needed for Low Impact Activities

Are Sports Bras Needed for Low Impact Activities?


Information on sports bras and breast support is often related to activities involving lots of fast movemen... Read More »
Banish The Bounce

Cavalletti Clips Video


SBD were really proud to be approached by Cavalletti Equine Marketplace. They asked us to be involved in a ... Read More »
Elomi Energise Front View

Elomi Energise Sports Bra Review


Nothing we love more than a great sports bra (pretty obvious huh). For the fuller busted ladies out there t... Read More »
Caring for your Breasts Blog

Your Breasts and the Big ‘C’


At SBD we are all about helping you achieve the best support for your breasts with our great range of Sport... Read More »

New Product Release – PINKCLOVER Breastband


I love helping active women find the best support for their breasts. As many of you know it was my own pers... Read More »
Maternity Sports Bras

A Spotlight on Maternity Sports Bras


While I was pregnant I often heard that exercising for 30 minutes or more a day during pregnancy and breast... Read More »

Sports Bras: What Does ‘Compression’ or ‘Encapsulation’ Actually Mean?


A well-fitting, supportive sports bra goes a long way in reducing physical and psychological discomfort dur... Read More »
Anita Active Logo

Brand in Focus – Anita Active


At Sports Bras Direct we love the Anita Active range.  Innovative materials, functional designs and quality... Read More »

Sports Bras Are A Must For Active Teens


There are many activities available for young girls to participate in and often a specific team uniform or ... Read More »
Activity - Equestrian

Should Horse Riders Wear a Sports Bra?


Updated 8 February 2021. I recently read a statistic that around 90% of marathon runners say they always we... Read More »
Underwired and Wire Free Sports Bras

Underwired or Wirefree Sports Bras


Whether you choose an underwired or wirefree sports bra is very much down to personal choice.  But how much... Read More »
worn out bra on model

Is it Time to Replace Your Sports Bra?


You finally find that perfect sports bra. It’s really comfortable and supports you in all the right places.... Read More »