Maternity Sports Bras

A Spotlight on Maternity Sports Bras

September 12, 2017

While I was pregnant I often heard that exercising for 30 minutes or more a day during pregnancy and breastfeeding is important to stay fit and healthy and help you feel good.  Try telling my swollen tender boobs that!  Even brisk walking was uncomfortable for my sore breasts during pregnancy.  The only exercise I managed in comfort was deep water running as the water was very supportive! Once my beautiful baby arrived and we had settled into something that resembled a routine I was keen to get out and exercise.  I enjoyed being active again but needed to wear a… Read More »

Sports Bras: What Does ‘Compression’ or ‘Encapsulation’ Actually Mean?

August 7, 2017

A well-fitting, supportive sports bra goes a long way in reducing physical and psychological discomfort during exercise.  However with so many sports bras on the market choosing the right one can be a minefield.  Finding an all round ‘best’ sports bra suiting every woman is an impossible task as every woman’s requirements are different. We want to make finding your perfect sports bra a little easier so in this article we will explore the differences between Compression and Encapsulation (and both) sports bras to help you decide which type will best suit your needs. Compression Sports Bras These sports bras… Read More »

Anita Active Logo

Sports Bra Brand Focus – Anita Active

July 18, 2017

At Sports Bras Direct we love the Anita Active range.  Innovative materials, functional designs and quality workmanship ensure they are incredibly comfortable to wear, like a second skin, whilst still providing brilliant support.  A definite go to bra for me.  I realise that some women will not be familiar with the brand so I thought I would write a ‘Brand Focus’ blog and introduce you to the award winning world of Anita Active. Company History Anita started back in the late 1800s making braces and corsets!  In 1917 Dr Walter Helbig, grandfather of today’s owner Georg Weber-Unger, took over the company.  After… Read More »

Sports Bras Are A Must For Active Teens

July 6, 2017

There are many activities available for young girls to participate in and often a specific team uniform or sporting equipment is required.  However there is one piece of equipment that should be a priority for all active female teenagers…A Sports Bra! Young girls develop at different ages and there can be a vast difference in the rate of breast growth.  Every girls experience is different and this must be taken into consideration when buying a sports bra.  A small busted 12 year old will probably want to wear a very different style of bra compared to a larger busted 16… Read More »

Activity - Equestrian

Should Horse Riders Wear a Sports Bra?

June 8, 2017

I recently read a statistic that around 90% of marathon runners say they always wear a sports bra, yet as few as 14% of horse riders follow suit. Should horse riders wear a Sports Bra?..…Absolutely YES! The Evidence: Horse riding creates a large amount of vertical breast movement and any form of riding that is faster than walking is considered to be a high impact activity.  This puts a lot of strain on delicate breast tissue and ligaments, causing irreversible damage and sagging.  Sports scientist testing the effectiveness of bras found that sports bras can prevent bounce by up to… Read More »

Underwired and Wire Free Sports Bras

Underwired vs Wire Free Sports Bra

May 21, 2017

Whether you choose an underwired or wire free sports bra is very much down to personal choice.  But how much is our choice dictated by our experience and preference with an everyday bra? Is there actually any significant pros and cons between wired and wire free sports bras that we should be basing our decision on? Many woman, especially those who are larger than a D cup, often prefer an underwire in their everyday bra for the added support and lift they provide.  However everyday bras do not undergo the same kind of workout as our sports bras; nor do they… Read More »

worn out bra on model

Is it Time to Replace Your Sports Bra?

May 7, 2017

When you finally find that perfect sports bra, it’s really comfortable and supportive, you want to keep using it again and again.  But sports bras are given a much greater workout than your every day bra and still need to continually provide your breasts with the same level of support and comfort. So how can you tell if your sports bra is still up to the job? As a guideline your sports bra should be replaced every 6-12 months.  However this is only really a general rule of thumb as everyone uses their sports bra differently.  “How long your sports… Read More »