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Can I Wear a Sports Bra Everyday, All Day? Let’s Get to The Bottom of It.

I’ve been getting this question a lot. So this week, I’m finally going to answer it. I often get asked; is it OK to wear sports bras for everyday wear?

Now I can understand why I get asked this question. After all we all love our sports bras. And what’s not to love, they’re our comfortable and supportive friend that keep our assets in check. We all know that one friend who seems to live in her sports bra.

Every time you see her, she’s got one on and OMG how good would it be to ditch the everyday bra and just wear your supportive best friend all the time. But is it OK to wear your sports bra all the time?

Here’s what you need to know.

Sports Bra Vs Regular Bra: Settling the Battle

It’s not uncommon for women to think that sports bras, as the name implies, is only for women who are physically active or into sports. But this can’t be further from the truth. Girls, women, moms, normally associate sports bras with high impact sports or women with small breasts. But they are so much more than that. Here’s a quick look into their benefits and what their differences are from regular bras.

  1. Workout discomfort – Regular bras are designed for comfortable daily wear. That includes running errands, going out, going to work, and more. Their versatility doesn’t extend to workouts though. Regular bras don’t have the necessary support to make workouts comfortable and less stressing for your breasts.
  2. Breast bounce – Both types offer a certain degree of support. For minimal breast bounce caused by daily activities, regular bras may offer enough support. For more intense breast bounce caused by high impact exercises and activities, a sports bra is your safer bet.
  3. Modesty – There’s a reason why you don’t see women wearing regular bras at the gym. Not only are they uncomfortable to wear while working out, but they also aren’t exactly designed to keep your girls under control. Sports bras provide support, so your tatas don’t go all over the place while you’re running and bouncing around. Plus, they offer excellent coverage, so your breasts don’t spill out while you’re trying to work out.
  4. Sagging prevention – Not wearing enough support during intense workouts can cause tears in the breast tissues which may lead to sagging over time. A regular bra is usually made of breathable material and is designed for maximum comfort unlike a sports bra which is designed primarily for support.

The Verdict

Both types serve different purposes. Regular bras are good for daily wear and are much suited for wearing with dresses (some are even designed to emphasize your figure). Sports bras are specifically designed to perform and provide support to active women. Women with various breast sizes. Breastfeeding women who still want to go to the gym. Women who have gone through cosmetic surgery, and more.

We can’t really pick a winner because sports bras and regular bras weren’t meant to go head-to-head. What we can recommend though is to have a good supply of both quality sports bras and regular bras to keep the bases (or in this case, your breasts) covered.

Advantages of Wearing a Sports Bra Everyday

In the past sports bras were designed solely for exercising in, but more recently, they’ve become so much more versatile. Advancement in design has allowed greater freedom in how and when you wear your beloved bra.

Sports bras have many advantages that make them great for everyday wear. So, before you ask, “are sports bras bad for you?” here are some benefits of wearing sports bras daily.

Ultimate Comfort and Support

A good fitting sports bra offers an impressive level of comfort and support. And with the busy lives we all lead; think running around after the kids while we try to work remotely in our home offices and make sure household chores don’t start piling up. We could do with that support and comfort all day long. All jokes aside if you have a bit more up top, you’ll love the extra support a good sports bra offers you all day long. Us bigger busted ladies know the discomfort even a short walk from one room to another can produce.

This support comes with an added benefit all us ladies can enjoy; it can help prevent the dreaded sagging! And for those asking, “do sports bras make you flat?” the answer is a big NO. I for one want to be perkier for longer so I’m well up for anything that can assist that, but I’m pretty sure that sports bras don’t have the capability to make your breasts recede. The all-day support a sports bra can offer can certainly help keep them perky, though.

In a study by The University of Portsmouth, researchers revealed that “breasts move far more than ordinary bras are designed to cope with.” Thus, wearing a super supportive sports bra can help to protect your bust line and ward off any premature drooping. Yay!


Life for me seems to be one constant rollercoaster. Wizzing through it trying not to fall off 😊. So, anything that makes it that little bit easier I am up for. One bra type instead of two. Yes please. I’m happy to ditch the everyday bras if it makes life that little bit easier.

No more changing bras for the gym, washing less bras and even less time spent shopping for the things all make life that little bit easier. A tick for me!

Lightweight and Technical Materials

Sports bras are designed to be lightweight and are made of innovative materials. We’re currently suffering through the heat of mid-summer and the sweltering days make things a little bit sweaty. Ughhh.

Since most sports bras are made from lightweight, moisture wicking materials, they can help keep you dry and cool on those hot summer days. Something I am very thankful of when there’s no air-con about.

Value for Money

We all know this one fact; bras aren’t cheap!!! So, if I can ditch the everyday bra and wear my sports bra all the time the bank manager is going to be that little bit happier. If she’s (I’m a modern girl) happy I’m happy. And the best bit? I now have a few extra dollars to spend on me.

Is it OK to Wear a Sports Bra all the Time

Is It Bad to Wear a Sports Bra all the time?

Sure, there are a lot of advantages to wearing my sports bra all day but is it safe? The simple answer is yes but with a caveat; it must fit well and be comfortable.

Seems obvious but you’d be surprised how many women don’t wear the correct bra size. In fact, research shows up to 80% of women don’t. I can’t stress this enough; take the time to ensure you are wearing the correct size. Either by having a professional fitting or if you can’t get to a specialist sports bra store (important as the 19-year-old lad at Rebel Sport may not have the necessary skills to fit you correctly!) or by following the instructions of a specialist online retailer with a dedicated ‘fitting room’ section.

Comfort is the other big factor. No point wearing your supportive sports bra for everyday wear if you come home sore and rubbed. Your sports bra must be comfortable. Period. Sports bras are designed to be snug (to offer the support they do) but they shouldn’t feel constricting or painful. If you notice your sports bra leaving red marks on your chest or shoulders, it pinches your skin or you feel any discomfort, then it is not the correct size and is not giving you the comfort, you need.

How does your sports bra match up? Could you wear it all day in comfort?

What do I Recommend?

A very good question. For an everyday sports bra I don’t have any specific brands or styles I highly recommend. But I do have a couple of tips that will make your selection easier.

No Wires

First and foremost, I implore you to consider going wirefree. Modern designs offer great support and are oh so comfortable. Particularly when wearing them all day.

Go Light

I talked about this earlier. Picking a lightweight sports bra will greatly increase your comfort level. There are some bras that fit so well they feel like a second skin, and you forget you’re wearing them.

I am also a massive fan of Anita Active. Not cheap but so comfortable and supportive and they go the distance (I’ve had mine for over two years!).

Pick Something Familiar

When it comes to intimate wear, stick with what you know and love. If you love the comfort and support of racerback bras, wear them. If you are a massive fan of compression bras, then go for them. This is all about your comfort and support, nothing else.

So, tick as many boxes as you can in your quest for the perfect everyday sports bra.

Yours in sports bras,

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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