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The Best Types of Sports Bras for Women With Large Busts

Sports bras typically boast high levels of chest support so women can move around, work out or run freely without their breasts bouncing too much. Or getting strained because of high-impact activities.

This is exactly the reason why sports bras are seen as a crucial component of any woman’s workout wardrobe. And choosing the right size and right type is a thing that needs utmost attention. So, you get the most appropriate choice when it comes to sports bras.

For women with small or average-sized breasts, finding a suitable sports bra might be a breeze. Since a lot of sports bras can provide adequate support. However, for women with larger busts, choosing a sports bra might be a bit more challenging.

The good news is that more and more sports bra designers and manufacturers are now designing sports bras that can support women with larger busts. To make it easier for you to narrow down your list, we’ve compiled some of the best types of sports bras designed for larger busts. All equipped with added support and additional comfort features that you can benefit from.

1. High-Impact Support Dual-Layer Sports Bra

Are you big on doing high-impact and high-intensity workouts? If so, high-impact support dual-layer sports bras should be at the top of your list since they’re designed specifically to support your breasts and provide adequate coverage for unencumbered movement.

Equipped with individual cups and multiple layers of material. This type of full-busted sports bra provides full coverage to keep your breasts from accidental spillage.

2. Low-Impact Sports Bra

Great for light exercise or daily wear, low-impact sports bras provide just enough support to keep your breasts in place while you move around during the day. This type of sports bra doesn’t compress your breasts too much, so it offers a much more relaxed fit. If you’re looking for sports bras for yoga and walking, low-impact sports bras are the way to go.

3. Racerback Sports Bra

Racerback full-busted sports bras differ from other types because of their straps. Which are joined in the middle of the shoulder blades to distribute your breast weight to your back instead of your shoulders.

If you think that standard sports bras with the tank top straps are putting too much pressure and compression on your shoulders, it’s probably time to switch to a racerback sports bra.

This is also great if you don’t want your bra’s straps limiting your movement for dance classes or any activity where you need the full range of motion for your upper body. Also, perfect for running where you want a full range of shoulder motion.

4. Adjustable Wire-Free Sports Bra

Adjustable straps are great if you want to be able to alter the fit of your sports bra for maximum comfort. What’s great about this type of full-busted bra is that it gives you the freedom to find your size by adjusting either your back straps or your shoulder straps, so you can tighten the fit in front to help redistribute the pressure to your back.

5. Shock Absorber Sports Bra

Specially designed for women with larger busts, shock absorber sports bras help minimize the bouncing movement during high-impact activities by up to 78%. Designed with the best support materials, these sports bras have been tried and tested to provide support, comfort, and stability in whatever sport you may want to try.

The Best Types of Sports Bras for Women With Large Busts

8 Other Things to Consider When Buying Full-Busted Sports Bras

Aside from choosing the correct type of sports bra. There are also some additional things that you need to consider before buying your full-busted sports bra to ensure maximum comfort and support. Here are some things you should consider before committing to a sports bra:

1. Consider the Straps

Aside from the cups and band of a sports bra, the straps are also crucial parts in providing chest support. Because bra straps are considered one of the “primary source of discomfort during sports and exercise,” many sports bra designers have been experimenting with changing up the orientation of bra straps or altering the thickness and width of the straps to properly distribute weight and pressure in full-busted sports bras.

Three strap types often found in sports bras. These incudes the criss-cross design, the tank top, and the racerback. If you’re looking for a low-impact sports bra or just a normal day-to-day activity bra, the crisscross strap design would be great since the thin straps are easier to conceal beneath clothing. But because of the thin straps, these bras don’t offer much support compared to normal bras. Criss-cross strapped bras also typically come with non-adjustable back straps, so the fit is pretty much fixed.

Tank top bras on the other hand are equipped with thicker straps that snuggly go around your shoulders. These are great for full-busted bras since you get upward support without the straps digging too much into your shoulders. These straps are also typically connected to adjustable back closures. So you can adjust the snugness and tightness of the bra according to what’s comfortable for you or what best supports your chest as you move around.

Lastly, racerback bras are characterized by the Y-shaped straps that are connected in the middle of your back. These types of straps are often used for high-impact full-busted bras to distribute the pressure appropriately without limiting your range of motion. To find the perfect fit, try fitting full-busted bras that have different straps and find the one that offers you the best freedom of movement and support without straining your back or shoulders too much.

2. Go for Full-Cups and Full-Padded Bras

Full-padded bras are often said to make breasts fuller and bigger. However, what other people fail to understand is that full-padded bras actually offer high levels of comfort and support for people with larger busts. Full-busted sports bras with full cups cover the whole breast, decreasing the uncomfortable feeling of your breasts “spilling out” that is common in half-cupped bras. In some cases, you may also consider bras with a half-cup but with a flexible material on top to have a better fit.

3. Side Support and Lift Support Is Crucial

When it comes to full-busted sports bras, there are different types of support. Especially since breasts can move in any direction when working out. For a sports bra to be considered high-quality, it needs to offer both side support and lift support.

Effective side support in full-busted sports bras helps align your breasts and keep them in place while you’re working out. So they won’t move to the side of your body and inhibit your arm movements while you’re running or generally exercising.

Lift support, on the one hand, helps redistribute your breasts’ weight along your rib with an underwire. By using this, you can avoid your breasts from sagging downwards or moving vertically when you’re in motion.

4. Find a Snug Fit

As you’re probably familiar, full-busted sports bras have a snugger and tighter fit than your day-to-day bra choices. This distinct fit allows the bra to keep your breasts as close to your body as possible and at the same time provide support to keep them from moving around and causing discomfort.

However, while you will find the fit tighter, your sports bra’s fit should not be too tight to the point that it will cause you discomfort or any difficulty. If you’re choosing a sport’s bra, make sure that the fit allows you to breathe freely and move without any pain or any parts of the bra digging into you.

5. Don’t Let the Underwire Dig Into Your Ribs

Bra underwire has traditionally had a bad reputation, because of the discomfort it can cause women after a full day of wear. However, a perfectly fitted wired bra can actually provide unparalleled support by lifting your breasts right beneath your rib.

While underwires may seem a bit uncomfortable, the secret is to find the fit most tailored to your size, where the strap and the metal beneath will sit aligned to your rib without pushing in.

6. Back Closure Is Important

If you want to maximize your bra’s customizability and flexibility to your comfort, back closure is an important component you should not overlook. Back closures with varying hook and eye distances can help you tighten or loosen your full-busted sports bra’s fit without the need for lengthy alterations. You should also go for sports bras with at least three clasps so that the closure doesn’t strain too much with the standard snug sports bra fit.

7. Find Sweat- and Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Most full-busted sports bras are designed to withstand high-impact and high-intensity activities like cardio workouts. These activities also cause a lot of sweating and moisture, which can cause them to become fully drenched after every routine.

If you’re looking for comfortable sports bras, you should focus on finding sweat-wicking fabric that is specifically designed to pull sweat away from your body. Not only does this make it easier to use during workouts, but you can also last longer without having to stop because of that uncomfortable drenched feeling. Some of the best moisture-wicking fabrics you should look for include polyester, micromodal, and nylon.

8. Look for a Combination of Compression and Encapsulation

Good full-busted sports bras combine compression and encapsulation technologies to provide the best weight distribution and support. You don’t want to settle for just one since you’ll probably be moving around a lot as you workout or as you go about your daily routine.

With compression, breasts are kept stationary against your chest to avoid them from moving around too much. While encapsulation provides each breast with a supporting vessel to individually cover and protect each one.

Find the Best Full-Busted Sports Bra for Free and Comfortable Movement

Women all over the world know how challenging it is sometimes to move without that uncomfortable bouncing movement we’re all familiar with. This is why a lot of companies today have made it their goal to revolutionize the way they design sports bras. Offering maximum support without sacrificing too much on movement and style.

If you’re familiar with shopping for sports bras, you’re probably aware of that sigh of relief you get when you finally find the one with the perfect fit. This is why we at Sports Bras Direct have made it our goal to provide women with a portal where they can easily navigate through the hundreds of sports bra types and find the perfect one for everyday use.

Whether you’re looking for a full-busted sports bra or an ordinary all-day sports bra, we ensure that you get only the best options.

Yours in Support.

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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