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We are in this together

Well this is certainly not a page I wanted to set up but with COVID-19 becoming more a part of our daily lives it is one I must. We are presently living through unprecedented times that is affecting everything we do. This is not a page to find the latest government updates but rather a place to keep my beautiful customers informed of everything affecting my business and what I am doing to ensure the safe ongoing operation of Sports Bras Direct.

Every day, we awaken to new headlines and are having to adjust daily to new social distancing rules. It can be overwhelming, frightening even. It’s time to come together, to unite, to act responsibly and to care for those around us. To put measures in place that bring us closer than ever before – despite the increased physical distance.

During this time of uncertainty, I am working hard to ensure all who have contact with my business remains as safe as possible during this time. I have put in place several added precautionary measures to ensure this. I’ve listed these below to keep you informed.

Our Store

Sports Bras Direct is in the unique position in that we are a small family business that operates online only. As such our day to day operations have not been overly affected by the current corona virus crisis. That said if lockdown regulations become a lot stricter, we have procedures in place to continue operating from my home. The continued day to day operation can be undertaken by my husband and I (we are that good 😄).

We want to be there for you and you for us.

Our Staff

As a small growing business, we have minimal staffing levels. I will continue to support all Sports Bras Direct staff in every way I can, even in full lockdown. I aim to keep all staff employed throughout this as I recognise, we are all in this together and their families need as much support as mine.


I am continuing to work with all my suppliers to ensure stock levels are maintained. That said I have many international suppliers who are experiencing differing levels of lockdown and as such may not be able to supply us as normal. I ask for your patience and understanding here. I will do my best but stock in some styles may begin to run low due to supply chain interruptions.

If this does affect you this may be the perfect opportunity to try something new!

Packaging of Orders

Your orders are safe with us. We are cleaning our facilities more frequently and staff have access to hand sanitisers, along with personal protective equipment (like gloves) if required. This ensures all orders leave us in the most hygienic state possible.

Your Order Delivery

I will continue to dispatch parcels on a daily weekday basis through my continued association with Australia post. If this arrangement is unable to continue, I am in the unique position in that I have an AusPost collection point right outside that I can continue to use.

I have been advised directly by Australia post that there may be the occasional delay to stated postage times due to reallocation of transport space for essential supplies. Express post will take priority.

For more information on how COVID-19 is impacting AusPost please visit the AusPost website.


We are upholding high hygiene standards when processing and inspecting returns, including the use of gloves and strict hand sanitisation procedures. My local post office has stringent hygiene measures in place and all parcels can be collected from my parcel locker to minimise personal contact.

Customer Service

If you have any specific questions or concerns not answered here that please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here for you.

The Future

I do not know what the future holds but like you I am hoping for a speedy exit from this crisis so things can return to a sense of normal for all of us as soon as possible. My husband and I are determined to continue as ‘normally’ as we are able through all this. Not only for us but for you. You need support more than ever and we are determined to offer it!

We are in this together and are stronger together.

Take care, keep well, and stay in contact.

Amy xxx

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  • Convertible / Racerback

    The straps anchor the sports bra closer to the body.

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    Vertical straps just like an everyday bra.

  • Padded / Moulded

    Offer extra volume or elegant shaping to the breasts.

  • Non-Padded

    Lightweight cups for a natural fit and appearance.

  • Compression

    Compress the breasts close to the body.

  • Encapsulation

    Encapsulates and supports each breast individually.

  • Compression & Encapsulation

    Compresses and encapsulates each breast individually.

  • Maternity

    If you want a Maternity Sports Bra only select this option.

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