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  • Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra, Colour Quicksilver, Front ViewTriumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra, Colour Quicksilver, Back View

    Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra 10137919

    $59.95 $53.95
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    $59.95 $53.95
    Blue Sapphire 2 Black/Silver Quicksilver White
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    10C 10D 10DD 10E 10F 12C 12D 12DD 12E 12F 14C 14D 14DD 14E 14F 16C 16D 16DD 16E 16F 18C 18D 18DD 18E 18F 20C 20D 20DD 20E 20F 22C 22D 22DD 22E
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  • Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra, Colour Electric Black, Front ViewFreya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra, Colour Electric Black, Regular Back View

    Freya Active Epic Underwired Crop Top Sports Bra AA4004

    $94.95 $88.95
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    $94.95 $88.95
    Carbon Electric Black
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    6DD 6E 6F 6FF 8DD 8E 8F 8FF 8G 8GG 8H 10D 10DD 10E 10F 10FF 10G 10GG 10H 12D 12DD 12E 12F 12FF 12G 12GG 12H 14D 14DD 14E 14F 14FF 14G 14GG 14H 16D 16DD 16E 16F 16FF 16G 16GG 18D 18DD 18E 18F 18FF 18G
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  • Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, Black, Lifestyle ImageShock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra, Colour Black, Back View

    Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra S5044

    $119.00 $103.95
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    $119.00 $103.95
    Black White
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    8B 8C 8D 8DD 8E 8F 8FF 8G 10B 10C 10D 10DD 10E 10F 10FF 10G 12B 12C 12D 12DD 12E 12F 12FF 12G 14B 14C 14D 14DD 14E 14F 14FF 14G 16B 16C 16D 16DD 16E 16F 16FF 16G 18B 18C 18D 18DD 20C 20D
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  • Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra, Colour Black and Grey, Front ViewAnita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra, Colour Black Grey, Back View

    Anita Active Extreme Control Sports Bra 5527

    $120.00 $104.95
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    $120.00 $104.95
    Black/Grey White
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    10D 10DD 10E 10F 12D 12DD 12E 12F 14D 14DD 14E 14F 14FF 16D 16DD 16E 16F 16FF 18D 18DD 18E 18F 18FF 20D 20DD 20E 20F 20FF 22D 22DD 22E 22F 24D 24DD
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Australia’s Sports Bra Specialists

Sports Bras Direct: Women Supporting Women.

Our Mission:

To offer the largest range of sports bra brands, styles and sizes to every woman, provide expert advice and to donate 100% of our profits women’s charities.

Our Vision:

To be Australia’s best socially conscious business; a business that will inspire all businesses to think not just ‘Profit’ but to give a ‘Purpose’ to that profit.  When we achieve our vision let us all imagine what could be achieved.

Why You Need a Sports Bra

Did you know that without support the breast can move up to 14cm during exercise?  Wow!  A well fitted sports bra can reduce this movement by up to 90%.  Fantastic!  Amazingly approximately 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra during activity.  That’s a lot of jiggle!  We aim to change this and ensure every woman is receiving the support she needs to prevent pain and discomfort whilst exercising, as well as preventing damage to your breast ligaments which can cause irreversible sagging.  Boo!  The right sports bra can also help prevent long-term injuries and strains to the shoulders and back, keeping you in the action.

The Problem

Have you ever gone Sports Bra shopping and come home disheartened and disillusioned with the lack of assistance, knowledge and range, especially if you are a bit more endowed!  You are not alone.  We’ve experienced the same frustration.  Many retailers sell only their own brands or otherwise stores do have a range of brands, but limited sizes.  Add to this a general lack of sports bra knowledge, the 20 something lad in the sports store walks past with his eyes down….. Frustrating!  If you live in regional Australia…..please help!  Combine this with children and work and sports bra shopping can be very hard indeed.

The Solution

As Australia’s largest Sports Bra specific website we have the knowledge, we have the range and most importantly we offer the assistance.  Worried about buying a Sports Bra online?  Don’t be.  We have built a very user friendly website packed with everything you need to know to source your perfect Sports Bra.  Still not sure contact us for a chat!  All this from the comfort of your own home or workplace (just get your bosses permission!) at a time that suits you…..with free delivery and free returns Australia wide sports bra shopping just got easy!

Getting Around

To enjoy the best shopping experience first head to our Fitting Room to Determine Your Sports Bra Size.  It is a misconception that the back size of your bra is the same as your standard dress size; many women find they need a larger back size so it is definitely worth checking this out first.  You will also find heaps of other information to help you make the choice that best suits you.  Once you know your size shopping for your perfect sports bra is easy.


We stock over twenty brands so we are sure there will be something for you.  If you know the brand you are after simply head to our Brands page for it or one of the many other great brands we offer.  From the well known Australian staples like Berlei & Triumph to international sports bra specialists like Shock Absorber you will find the brand you are looking for (if you don’t simply contact us and we will try to help).


The sport you do will greatly dictate the type of sports bra you need.  If you take on the high impact world of Aerobics you have different requirements from your sports bra than someone who enjoys the more sedate pace of Walking.  Sports bras are made for many different activities so to find the sports bra that best suits you and what you do check out our Activity page for every activity from the low impact world of Pilates or Yoga to the high impact world of Running.  You will find that many sports bras suit a great many sports so it is simply a matter of exploring and finding the one that best suits you and what you do.


Not sure on exactly what activity you will be using your sports bra for or simply have other requirements from your sports bra then take a look at our Type page.  Here you can search by your sports bra specific feature.  Whether it is the impact level that is important to you or you prefer Underwired sports bra or Wirefree sports bra this is the place to start.  We also understand that if you have a bit more up top or may not fit the dreaded ‘standard sizing’ finding the right sports bra can be a very frustrating experience.  This is why we have created specific Fuller Busted and Plus Size Sports Bra categories just for you to make your quest for that perfect sports bra that little bit easier.


Not all sports bras are created equal.  If you are younger, pregnant or have had surgery your requirements from a sports bra may differ and you may need a specialist item. Our Specialty page is the place to start if you have special requirements in a sports bra.  You’ll find the perfect Maternity sports bra with easy breastfeeding access designs, Mastectomy sports bra for those wishing to live an active life post surgery and even Breastbands to wear with your sports bra for all round total support.


We are a specialist sports bra website but also appreciate that a good sports bra is only one piece of your workout wardrobe puzzle.  As such we have a range of Apparel to complete your look allowing you to get active in style. You’ll find Tanks, Tights and much more.


Buying the perfect sports bra is not an easy task and making sure it fits perfectly is even harder. We believe education is the key in your quest for your perfect sports bra. As such we have an informative and educational Blog on all things sports bra (as well as the occasional other topic) to arm you with the knowledge you need to get active with the perfect combination of comfort and support.


Everyone loves a good Sale and we are no exception. With many items on sale and others discounted further for Clearance you have every chance of finding yourself a bargain, but hurry as for many items once they are gone they are gone.

It’s Your Choice

It is very important to us to provide you with greater choice, as we recognise that every woman is unique in terms of both breast shape and what they want from a sports bra.  We are continually updating our website so check back frequently to see what’s new.  Also subscribe to our newsletter (you’ll get a ‘10% off your first purchase’ coupon code) and follow us on Social media for all the goss.

We hope you love shopping with us.

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Determine Your Size With Our Bra Size Calculator

1. Underbust Size

2. Overbust Size

Measuring Your Underbust

Stand straight with your arms hanging casually by your side; if you can get a friend to measure you around your chest, directly under your bust.

Ideally, measure yourself while you are not wearing a bra, or if you are wearing one, be careful not to sit the tape over any part of your bra.  The tape should sit directly under your breasts (where your bra band would normally sit), should be horizontal all the way around and be as tight as possible without being uncomfortable (exactly like your bra’s underband).  This measurement is your Underbust.


Measuring Your Overbust

Still standing straight measure horizontally around the fullest part of your bust (usually over the nipples).  This is best done while you’re wearing a good fitting bra.  The tape should not be to tight resting lightly on your body. Make sure the tape is straight across your back and is parallel to the floor.  This measurement is your Overbust.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Finding your correct Australian Bra Size is as easy as 1, 2, 3. One; follow the instructions below to find your underbust and overbust size. Two; slide the bars to your correct size position to discover your recommended size. Three; start shopping!

  1. Underbust Size; measure around your chest, directly below your bust. Read more below.
  2. Overbust size; measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Read more below.

Crop Tops

Crop tops can fit differently to cupped bras.  Generally speaking they are more similar to women’s clothing sizes.

XS = 8    S = 10   M = 12   L = 14   XL = 16    XXL = 18

Sports Bras Direct recommends crop tops for cup sizes A-D only. You must also check the specific style of crop top suits the level of impact you require.  Breasts that are bigger than a D cup require more specific support from a cup size sports bra.

Each Brand has a slight variation in their actual measurement guidelines for crop tops. Please check brand specific sizing below to establish the best size crop to suit you.

If you are still unsure on your size we would love to help you, please contact us to arrange your personal fitting appointment.

Brand Specific Size Guides

Abi and Joseph Size Guide

Anita Active Size Guide

Cadenshae Size Guide

Champion Size Guide

Lorna Jane Size Guide

New Balance Size Guide

Puma Size Guide

Royce Lingerie Size Guide

Shock Absorber Size Guide

Speedo Size Guide