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Welcome To Sports Bras Direct

Sports Bras Direct: Supporting Active Women.

Our Mission: To help every woman find her perfect Sports Bra.

Did you know that without support the breast can move up to 14cm during exercise? Wow! A well fitted sports bra can reduce this by up to 80%. Fantastic! Amazingly approximately 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra during activity. That’s a lot of jiggle! We want to change this and ensure every woman is receiving the support she needs to prevent pain and discomfort whilst exercising, as well as preventing damage to your breast ligaments which can cause irreversible sagging. The right sports bra can also help prevent long-term injuries and strains to the shoulders and back, keeping you in the action.

Have you ever gone Sports Bra shopping and come home disheartened and disillusioned with the lack of assistance, knowledge and range, especially if you are a bit more endowed! You are not alone. We’ve had the same frustration. Many retailers sell only their own brands or otherwise stores do have brands, but limited sizes. Add to this a general lack of sports bra knowledge, the 20 something lad in the sports store walks past with his eyes down, frustrating! If you live in rural Australia…..please help! Combine this with children and work and sports bra shopping can be very hard indeed.

This is where Sports Bras Direct comes in. As Australia’s first Sports Bra specific website we have the knowledge, we have the range and most importantly we offer the assistance. Worried about buying a Sports Bra online? Don’t be. We have built a very user friendly website packed with everything you need to know to source your perfect Sports Bra. Still not sure contact us for a chat! All this from the comfort of your own home or workplace (just get your bosses permission!) at a time that suits you…..with free shipping and returns Australia wide sports bra shopping just got easy!

To enjoy the best shopping experience first head to our Fitting Room to determine your size.  It is a misconception that the back size of your bra is the same as your standard dress size; many women find they need a larger back size so it is definitely worth checking this out first. You will also find heaps of other information to help you make the choice that best suits you.

It is very important to us to provide you with greater choice, as we recognise that every woman is unique in terms of both breast shape and what they want from a sports bra. Check out our Maternity and Mastectomy range and sports bras suiting larger ladies. We continually update our website so check back frequently to see what’s new. Also follow us on Social Media for all the goss!

We hope you love shopping with us.