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About Us

Sports Bras Direct is Australia’s largest Sports Bra website. We know sports bras!

Our Mission:

To offer Australia’s largest range of sports bra brands, styles and sizes to every woman and to donate 100% of our profits to women’s charities.

Our Vision:

To be Australia’s best socially conscious business; a business that will inspire all businesses to think not just ‘Profit’ but to give a ‘Purpose’ to that profit. When we achieve our vision let us all imagine what could be achieved.

Our Past:

 We were born out of the desire to help regional women, whom often have poor choice when it comes to traditional bricks and mortar shopping (their local hardware store may be the only local option to buy a sports bra!) by building an informative website providing women with greater knowledge, choice and customer service when looking for a sports bra. With a dedicated fitting room and a large range of styles and sizes there is something for everyone. To take away the worry of poor fit we introduced free delivery & free returns allowing you to buy and try without out of pocket expense. Doesn’t quite fit, simply send it back. Easy!

As we grew we began to receive messages of support for what we were doing from women of all locations (not just regional). It became increasingly obvious how many women struggled to find a great fitting sports bra. Amy’s struggle wasn’t the only one. The lack of information and range of styles and sizes (especially if you are not a ‘normal’ size) provided by the large department store chains are poor and many boutique shops sell only their styles. This spurred us on to continue building Australia’s best sports bra website.

Our Present:

 1000’s of women are appreciating what we have created but we believe we should be more than just a business that simply makes a profit. There should be a purpose to that profit; to help women by giving back. Women, supporting women, supporting women; love it! We support you, you support us, and together we support Australian women everywhere. We achieve this by donating 100% of our profits to women’s charities of your choice. Check out our blog for more on this transition.

We continue to strive to make shopping for your perfect sports bra an easy and enjoyable experience by providing you with a wide range of brands, styles and colours to choose from, along with huge amounts of advice and online chat to ask further questions.  All this from the comfort of your own home or workplace at a time that suits you…sports bra shopping is now easy!

To enjoy the best shopping experience first head to our Fitting Room to determine your size.  It is a misconception that the back size of your bra is the same as your standard dress size; many women find they need a larger back size so it is definitely worth checking this out first. You will also find heaps of other information to help you make the choice that best suits you.

Our Future:

 We aim to continually increase our range of brands and styles to offer you an even bigger range of sports bras. It is very important to us to provide you with greater choice, as we recognise that every woman is unique in terms of both breast shape and what they want from a sports bra.

We will continue to work as hard and efficiently as possible to grow the business further and maximise profits for charity. Ensuring that every extra dollar goes to where it is needed; to women’s charities. We ask you for your continued support. Share our posts, shout from the roof tops to your friends and family about what we are doing and together let’s help change the world for the better.

We hope you love shopping with us. If you have any questions or want to leave a suggestion or message of support please get in touch.

Sports Bras Direct: Women supporting women.

Social Enterprise
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To measure your size it is best to wear an everyday well-fitting non-padded bra and use a fabric / flexible tape to measure in centimetres.

To help you further, brand specific size guidelines have been added to the product images of some of our sports bras.  Please also check these before ordering.

Back Size – Underbust measurement

Your bra back size is determined by your under bust measurement.  Place tape
measure around your body, underneath the bust, in line with the bottom of your bra’s hook & eye.  The tape should be taught but not uncomfortable.

Cup Size – Overbust measurement

Place the tape measure loosely over the fullest part of your breasts (usually over the nipple). This is best done when wearing a bra.  Ensure the tape measure is at the same height across your back as across your bust.

Your back size can be different to your clothing size as it relates to the width of your back and diaphragm.  A lady may wear size 12 clothes and a size 14C bra.

Now look at the Bra Fitting Chart below.  First find your underbust measurement (Back Size) in the left hand column, round up to the nearest cm if required.  Then find the corresponding Australian/NZ size in the grey column.  This determines your back size.

Once you have your back size, follow the row along until you find your cupsize measurement, again round up to the nearest cm if required.  This will determine your cup size.

Crop Tops

Crop tops can fit differently to cupped bras.  Generally speaking they are more similar to women’s clothing sizes.

XS = 8    S = 10   M = 12   L = 14   XL = 16    XXL = 18

However the correct size can be more accurately determined using your under bust and over bust measurements in the table below.  To understand how to take these measurements please see the explanation above.

Sports Bras Direct recommends crop tops for cup sizes A-D only. You must also check the specific style of crop top suits the level of impact you require.  Breasts that are bigger than a D cup require more specific support from a cup size sports bra.

Each Brand has a slight variation in their actual measurement guidelines for crop tops, so we have summarised the individual Brand’s advice in the table below.

If you are still unsure we would love to help you, please get in touch with our support team via live chat.