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12 Interesting Facts About Breasts

Not all things are created equal and your Breasts are no exception.  Soft or firm, perky or drooped, slender or round, no matter what shape or size they come in they are amazing ‘assets’ to the female anatomy. There are many interesting facts about breasts and in this article we take a look at 12 of them.

Call them boobs, boobies, ta-ta’s or hooters; our unique ‘girls’ deserve class-A care and treatment.  Not just for their primary evolutionary-function to feed our offspring but also to help us feel wholesome and awesome.  And since most women take care when selecting the best and most trendy undergarment designs, ensuring the well-being of your ‘ladies’ comes down to choosing the perfect fitting support.

Got boobs and love them?  Here are 12 interesting facts about breasts from our “booblopedia” that you might not have known:

1. Celebrate Their Uniqueness:

No matter what size and shape; breasts are amazing and indeed no two are created equal.  In fact, research shows that even your own breasts can be different in size and shape from each other and the left breast is often smaller than your right breast.  If you want to choose the right support, get familiar with your unique shape. Not just the size of your breasts.

2. Your Breasts are Glands, Not Muscles:

Surprised?  Boobs consist primarily of skin tissue, glandular tissue, connective tissue, ductal lobes, fats and ligaments.  These mounds are a complex network of mammary glands that have fat cells and tubes that are not fully matured until pregnancy or lactation occurs.  However, when you enter the perimenopausal phase, there are changes in your body hormones and they no longer support the ductal lobes leading to sagging boobs.  Fret not because hope is still at hand. Choosing the correct Sports Bra with the right cup size and shape is one of the best ways to tackle the situation.

3. Wearing the Wrong Size Bra is More Common Than You Think:

Your body constantly experiences changes: sometimes slowly and sometimes rapidly.  So do your breasts.  The shape, size, perkiness, bounciness or sagginess may change over your lifetime and you might often overlook the fact that your breasts need a change in support.

They may grow smaller or bigger but wearing a correct fitting Sports Bra will ensure they always remain supported during exercise.  Check out our fitting room for heaps of great info to help ensure you always have the best fitting bra for you.

4. Breasts and the Figure 8 Pattern:

When you exercise, moderate or otherwise, your breasts will literally move 10 to 30cm in a figure-8 pattern.  A very interesting fact about breasts. This can be a cause of concern because remember, boobs are glands not muscles.  While muscles can tone or expand upon exercise, glands do not.  The incorrect size or unsuitable shaped bras can be a problem but completely unsupported breasts during exercise are a strict ‘No No’. This can not only cause long-term damage and sagging to your Breasts but may also induce pain.

Remember, exercise is beneficial to those muscles that support your breasts. And in performing that exercise, they deserve support too. The right High Impact Sports Bra can make all the difference in reducing the figure of 8.

5. Areolas Have Exceptional Biological Features:

They perk up, change color and give off scents.  Nipples tend to swell and perk during arousal.  That is due to increased blood flow occurring inside your breasts.

Another familiar characteristic of the areolas, commonly called nipples, is the little bumps around them called Montgomery glands. These produce a unique scent that only breastfeeding babies can detect.  In addition, during pregnancy, your breasts experience a great deal of change in the shape, size, and hormone levels.  Make sure to change your diet and your breast support accordingly.  A great fitting Maternity Sports Bra is a must for the new mum.

6. Triple Nipples (Polythelia):

Most animals have numerous nipples and in some cases humans too.  However; the condition is surprisingly more common in men than in women.  Commonly known as Accessory Nipple, these can form anywhere along the milk duct line down to the groin area.  Most Accessory Nipples aren’t fully functional, but women who have these find they can lactate during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

7. Boobies Tend to Attract Both Sexes:

So you may have heard that 80% of men are likely to stare at your breasts when you first meet them. Surprise, surprise; girls also look at boobs as much as boys. Especially if a woman has an hourglass shape: small waist and large breasts.  Attraction or just checking each other out … I guess we all like to be nosy.

8. Smoking is a Major Cause of Drooping Boobs:

Breastfeeding is often seen as the main culprit for sagging boobs but facts beg to differ.  Yes, pregnancy can affect the elasticity of the breast ligaments up to a point but breastfeeding merely changes the size of your boobs and has very little impact on the elasticity of the skin.

On the other hand, smoking is a direct antagonist of the elastine in your breasts and can lead to drooping and sagging breasts.  Cut down or better still quit smoking and you’ll greatly reduce the long term affects on your boos and your whole body.

9. Not All Lumps are Cancer:

We say this and so does the research.  Nevertheless, on a cautionary note, get any lump checked immediately.  We cannot stress this enough but 1 out of 8 women are at a high risk of getting breast cancer. So if in doubt check it out.

A swollen lump on the breast can be a fibrosis lump, a cyst, or other benign breast tumor.  However, back to where we started:  Get it diagnosed immediately to remove any possibility of it been cancerous.  Check out our blog; Your Breasts and the Big ‘C’ for more info.

10. The Amusing History of the Sports Bra:

Believe it or not but the first ‘Sports bra’ was not invented until 1977. Interestingly it was actually made from male undergarments.  The first exercise bra was two male jockstraps that were sewn together and voila, the ‘jock bra’ was invented.  Our blog; History of the Sports Bra gives you the whole story.

We have come a long way since then. In fact, you can even get a degree in Bra design and development, a course dedicated to creating top of the line and better bras.

11. Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer:

Sounds like science fiction, but research has shown that exercise helps you to reduce weight and also your levels of estrogen; a hormone linked to breast cancer.  Exercise also strengthens your immune system and relieves stress.

You do not have to get sweaty to improve the ‘girls’ health.  Moderate exercise such as light weights, cycling, brisk walking, swimming and even gardening will have a positive impact, not only on your breasts but also on your whole body. A sports bra to suit the activity is an absolute must to keep you active and healthy.

12. A Few Random Facts:

  • Men who prefer larger breasts are less financially secure than men who prefer smaller breasts.
  • Sleeping face down on your stomach can change the shape of your boobs over a period of time.
  • Breastfeeding can lower the risk of cancers and heart disease.
  • The smallest bra cup size is AAA and the largest is a whopping L.
  • Some women can reach orgasm with nipple stimulation alone.
  • The most popular cosmetic surgery for women in the US is … Breast Augmentation.

So there you have it. A few interesting facts about breasts you may have known and a few things you may not have. The one thing we all know? We should look after them!

Your in support.

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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