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5 Things to Consider When Wearing a Sports Bra in Public

I live on the Gold Coast and the weather here is supportive (see what I did there?) to wearing a sports bra in public. Warm sunshine and beautiful coastline are very conducive to donning the tights and sports bra and heading out for a beach walk.

A short walk along the beach front at Burleigh reveals many women walking, jogging or running with their sports bra proudly on show. I love it, free the belly and get outside with pride.

One thing that does make me shudder. Seeing a young, full breasted woman running along the path in her strappy crop with her breasts bouncing in every direction. Maybe good for Instagram but oh so terrible for her breasts.

Today I will take you through the 5 things to consider when wearing a sports bra in public. Read on and step out in style and comfort without the worry of something popping out unexpectedly.

1. Self Confidence

I have put this one at the top of my list. Before you read on you first need to have the confidence to rip your singlet off and proudly step out with only your sports bra to support you.

If you are anything like me (40+, two kids, jelly belly) this is not as easy as it sounds. Why not you ask? Unfortunately, we live in a society that can judge and can body shame.

The question then becomes, who cares? Up until recently me, that’s who. But you know what I exercise, eat well and even with all that I am who I am. Jelly belly and all (I blame the kids!).

So, I have learnt to step outside of my comfort zone. To hit the trails with only my sports bra. And you know what my soft mid-section didn’t cause other trail users to burst into flames! The reality is no one really cares.

Now that I have realised that everyone is to busy with their own lives to give more than a passing glance, I have embraced the sports bra. Guys run shirtless to keep cool so why can’t I.

That is my story. If this is already you or you are building the confidence to make it, you. Then please read on to ensure the sports bra you chose is the best one for you.

2. Support

So, we’ve got over ourselves and decided ‘yep’ I’m going to be one of those women!’. Go you, a very liberating step.

Support is the first thing you need to consider. After all that is the fundamental reason sports bras were invented. To support your breasts.

I know what you are thinking. I am happy to wear a sports bra, but I don’t want to go out in public with my breasts squashed to my chest.

Luckily for you there are plenty of high support options that keep the girls in shape. Many high support sports bras offer ‘Encapsulation’ support. That is, they hold each breast individually helping keep your natural breast shape. My blog explains more.

The level of support you need will depend on your activity. A walk will need less support than a run. And you breast size. A 12B will need less support than a 12G. Bigger breast = more weight = more support required.

If you are not sure then err on the side of caution and go up a support level. Your breasts will thank you.

Wearing a Sports Bra in Public

3. Comfort

If you follow my articles you already know that comfort goes hand in hand with support. There is no point having all the support in the world if you spend your walk continually adjusting your sports bra due to poor comfort.

So how do you find a comfortable sports bra that is also supportive? The first step is fit. It has to fit well to be comfortable. Check out my blog ’10 Common Sports Bra Fitting Problems and how to Solve Them’.

Once you have your fit sorted you then need to consider style and your own personal preferences. Do you like Racerback? Wirefree? Underwired? Padded?

Find a style that fits and best suits your personal preferences and you can hit the beach front with comfort confidence. After all, feeling good is an important part of stepping out with confidence.

4. Coverage

I am all for taking off the shirt and letting the girls be free in a sports bra but not if that means I pop out all over the place for all to see. Maybe fine for a 20 something influencer but maybe not for a 40 something mother of two. I am learning to be more self-confident but not that self-confident!

Not only that but if your breasts are bouncing around, or in danger of popping out you are not going to get the support and comfort you need. So, what to do?

You need to find a sports bra that offers full coverage of you breasts. Every part of your breast needs support so look for a style that keeps everything contained. This becomes increasingly important the bigger your bust size.

Look for a sports bra that not only covers the girl when you try it on. But also continues to cover the girls when you jump around. Do a jump test in the privacy of your own home to make sure nothing is going to pop out unexpectedly.

5. Style

The final thing to consider is style. We all like to look and feel good as we go about our days. And heading out for a walk or run in our new sports bra is no different.

I for one will not head out the door wearing something that looks like to is straight from Grandma’s wardrobe (sorry Grandma). So, even after you have checked all the boxes above the sports bra you choose needs to be something you feel comfortable and confident wearing in public. Otherwise, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Luckily, many modern styles look the goods. So, it is simply a matter of narrowing your search and then trying sports bras on. You will know immediately if you like the look of it and would be prepared to venture out in public with it on.

My Final Thoughts

I am all for strong, self-confident women. If we women learn to embrace who we are and head outside to exercise with or without a top on that has got to be a good thing.

After all you are wearing your sports bra for you not for everyone else. So, why not wear it in the way most comfortable to you.

Yours in Support.

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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