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7 Tips to Keep your Motivation During Winter

We are mid way through winter, and it’s very common during the colder months to lose your motivation to keep active.  Cold nights and shorter days are definitely not as appealing as warm mornings and bright sunshine.  Its hard to leave the warmth of your bed and head outside, but leading an active lifestyle means keeping active all 12 months of the year.  How can you fire up your enthusiasm and keep your motivation during winter?

Reset your ‘Why’

Write a list of your reasons for keeping active; going running, attending your gym class or whatever activity you choose.  We know exercise is good for our body and it makes us feel good too.  Remind yourself of your ‘why’s’ and how important these are.  What is your core motivation?


Re-set your goals.  What activities and how many times a week are you going to commit?  Be really specific and set a realistic schedule for exercise based on your other daily commitments. Pin the timetable to the fridge and keep your targets high on your priorities.

Sign up to an event

Whether it is work, at home or exercise we seem to always manage to step up to the task when there is a clear objective and a deadline.  Have a look at what events or competitions may be available in your chosen activities.  If you are a runner and cannot find anything local, checkout virtual races online which have become very popular.  Once you have signed up it’s then time to make sure your exercise schedule is sufficient.  Use the event as the reason to keep up your motivation during winter and make sure you don’t miss a training session!

7 Tips to Keep Your Motivation During Winter -Sign Up to an Event

Enlist a workout buddy for motivation.

Not only is exercising with a friend always heaps more fun, it also acts as a great motivator.  When your alarm goes off, its cold and dark and you don’t want to leave your bed…it is so much harder to let down a friend than just letting yourself down.  It’s a win win for both of you and a much healthier catch up than coffee and cake!

Do something you actually like.

If you continually dread your workout it is highly unlikely you will continue to stick with it for the whole winter, so shake it up a little.  Change to something you like doing, otherwise your workout just becomes something you have to spend every day convincing yourself to do it.  Mix it up and try something new, embrace the change in weather and enjoy the changes in nature.  If you really don’t like the cold choose something you can do at home, crank up the music and dance for 20minutes. Download an exercise app on your phone and complete an at home boot camp or even an hour of high energy cleaning.  All are better exercise options than sitting on the couch or staying in your cosy bed.

7 Tips to Keep Your Motivation During Winter - Do Something you Love

Update your music playlist.

Listening to music while you sweat can be a great motivator, but many of us lead such busy lifestyles we often forget to ever update our playlists.  Beat the music boredom and switch up your music.  While you are at it, change your phone alarm to an upbeat or motivational tune that will help get you out of bed in the morning!

Dress the part

If your activity is outside it’s important to adjust your clothing choices to suit the colder conditions.  You cannot blame bad weather if you have the right gear to cope with it.  Adding an additional layer or two is often the best option so you can strip off layers as you warm up during the session.  If you can afford to treat yourself buy some new winter activewear.  A new windproof jacket or trail running shoes may be just the bribe you need to get moving again.  If you exercise early in the morning lay out your exercise gear before you go to bed.  As well as saving you time it is also another trigger in your brain to stay committed rather than feel guilty about having to put the gear back in the wardrobe when you finally drag yourself out of bed too late to exercise.

We hope these tips help you to reset and feel motivated to make the rest of winter really active.  However, we all have our lapses so don’t beat yourself up when this happens.  If you miss a planned session just think about what went wrong and how you can change this.  Always focus on improving your future workouts rather than dwelling on the past. Check out range of Sports Bras to keep you moving through the winter.

Your in Support.

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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