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Brand in Focus: Panache Sport

Wearing the wrong sports bra can affect your performance while working out. Meanwhile, a great sports bra makes working out a joy. Move confidently and comfortably without the fear of high-impact movements, and consider Panache sports bras as your new gym buddy.

Plenty of sports bra brands claim to provide ultimate comfort and style for every woman, but Panache Sport is undeniably a step above the rest. They are a brand that caters to ladies of all sizes, explicitly designing with the fuller bust in mind. As such, their sports bras can support more ample and heavier busts through any high-impact workout, reducing bounce by up to 83%.

A Brief History of Panache

Panache Lingerie is among the world’s leading designers of D plus lingerie and has been showing its commitment to innovation for over 39 years. It has an excellent reputation for manufacturing bras with great fit, technical ability, and quality. In addition to lingerie, the brand also branched out to sports bras, resulting in Panache Sport’s inception. 

Moreover, Panache Lingerie has four other unique brands apart from Panache Sport. These include Panache for everyday comfort that supports up to a K cup and Cleo for the young at heart. Sculptresse delivers sexy and vivacious lingerie for the fuller-figured woman, accommodating sizes 14 and up. The last brand is Panache Swim, which offers stylish, supportive, and comfortable swimwear.

Their brand has always been about crafting products that enhance and support different body shapes. They work hard to improve and develop their product range to accommodate more styles and designs. The brand has won many awards to date, including awards for its sports collections.

What More Do Panache Sports Bras Have to Offer?

Maybe the question should be what don’t they offer. These sports bras have it all. There is a reason Panache sports bras are so popular.

Wide Size Range

The brand offers over 70 individual sizes and accommodates a wide range of bust sizes from a B to a J cup. They understand that all busts are unique, and finding the right fit comes with plenty of considerations. But their bras always deliver in terms of size, comfort, and design. Their bra choices include wired and non-wired designs in various colours to suit your preferences.

No Chafing

Panache non-wired sports bras have seam-free inner cups that prevent chafing, a feature essential for heavy workouts with many repetitive movements. Friction triggers chafing, which worsens when we sweat, making exercises uncomfortable and painful. So opt for seam-free cupping for ensured comfort and enhanced performance. 


Their bras are made with the best performance soft fabrics with lined wings. The outer layers are kept breathable to help you stay dry during workouts. The hook and eye fastenings are also cushioned to prevent them from digging into your back, especially when performing floorwork exercises.

Flexible Wires

Bra wires are sometimes necessary for support. However, most wired sports bras often dig into your skin, causing pain and discomfort. You won’t even realise the wires are there. Panache’s wired sports bras use silicone-encased one’s for the most comfortable fit. 


The brand is known for its award-winning encapsulating designs. Unlike compression bras, their encapsulating designs support each breast and provide a more natural shape. So, say goodbye to the dreaded uni-boob and never worry about your breathing getting restricted (something that compression bras can do). 


Panache’s wired and non-wired sports bras have wide cushioned shoulder straps convertible to racerback style. The racerback hook is recommended for high-impact activities to reduce bounce even further. It helps disperse pressure on the shoulders, transforming the amount of support provided.


Walk out with confidence, whether going to the gym, grabbing a coffee, or going out for a run. Panache sports bras are made with style. Bold, colourful  designs that are perfect for a variety of occasions. 

Brand in Focus - Panache Sport

Can They be Used for Running?

Biomechanists independently reviewed the brand’s products at Loughborough University. Their research showed that the brand’s sports bras could reduce breast displacement by up to 83% compared to running bare-chested. Since it is a high-impact sports bra, it handles the demands of running well. 

Breast biomechanists classify bras that can reduce breast displacement by over 64% as high-support bras. With this, Panache’s products more than meet the criteria.

Does It Have Moulded Cups?

Panache Sport is known for manufacturing sports bras with structured moulded cup designs, but they are not there to add volume. Instead, the moulded cups provide a stable cradle for each breast for full support while moving. The cups work by giving great shape, separation, and lift, flattering your bust while fitting perfectly.

Having Trouble Finding Your Fit?

Knowing your size is essential to finding the perfect fit. Use our sports bra size calculator to help determine your size correctly, ensuring that you buy the right fit. Follow the detailed instructions on our page to get started, and you can shop to your heart’s content. We also provide specific sizing guides for different brands, including Panache. But if you still need more help, feel free to contact us.

Buy Panache Online

Panache sports bras are not only crafted for enhanced performance but also for comfort and style. So, it’s no wonder that it is the preferred product by many women. Buy yours today and see what the hype is all about.

Are you looking for Panache sports bras for sale? Here at Sports Bras Direct, we offer a range of Panache bras online. We also feature products from their other brands, including Sculptresse. Visit our shop now to find which suits your style best. 

We ship Panache sports bras Australia-wide. Find your perfect gym buddy today so you can work out to your heart’s content without worrying about movement. 

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