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Debunking Sports Bra Myths (Part 2)

There is an ongoing battle between sports bras and regular bras. This has led to some misconceptions that are now being accepted as facts by some.

We’ve already debunked some of these bra myths in this previous blog post. Now we’re back to set the record straight on 10 more sports bra myths. Let’s begin:

Myth #1: Sports Bras Can Cause Cancer

This myth is one that has gained traction in recent times. The general thought is that trussing your breasts up in a tight-fitting sports bra may cause breast cancer. After all breasts were meant to swing free, weren’t they?

Maybe so 10,000 years ago when we spent our time wandering around gathering. But in more modern times our active lifestyles mean the girls need to be kept more under control.

This myth can be debunked by simply stating what really causes cancer. Cancer is caused by mutations or sudden changes to a person’s DNA that happen within the cells. DNA is composed of a huge number of individual genes which contain coded information and designation on which function they have to perform and how they should grow and divide.

When mutations occur and the genes multiply at an alarming rate, it can lead to cancer which causes an imbalance in the body and other complications. How’s that for a scientific hat (and referencing Dr. Google!)

In short, for the great majority of the female population (nothing is 100% certain!) there is no way that sports bras can cause cancer. This means that wearing sports bra all the time or very often should not cause cancer at all.

Myth #2: Sports Bras Can Cause Sagging

It’s important to know the structure of your breasts to understand what can cause sagging. Your girls are held together by fatty tissues and Cooper’s ligaments to retain their firmness and shape. These ligaments and tissues can stretch out as you age due to several reasons (gravity, smoking, etc) and your breasts can sag permanently.

This means that once your girls start heading South, there’s really no way to get them back unless you undergo cosmetic surgery. So really, sports bras don’t cause sagging. If anything, sports bras help prevent it. But just because it can prevent sagging doesn’t mean you should start wearing sports bra to sleep. Remember, once the damage is done, there is no natural way to reverse it.

So, if you can, remember to wear a well-fitting sports bra whenever you encounter a situation that causes breast bounce to help delay sagging.

Myth #3: Sleeping in a Sports Bra Makes Your Breasts Perky

As highlighted above, your breast’s perkiness depends a lot more on your biology than your habits. That means if you were born with a breast structure that’s perky, it’s going to stay that way over time.

Unless you do things that will damage the ligaments and tissue holding it together. By the same logic, not so perky breasts will not miraculously perk up even if you keep wearing a sports bra to sleep.

Myth #4: Underwired Bras May Be Uncomfortable but They Provide the Best Support

If we haven’t said it before then we’re saying it now, a sports bra with good support is useless if you’re uncomfortable wearing it and vice versa. It’s the same thing with wearing a comfortable wire-free bra that doesn’t offer ample support, you’re better off not wearing it.

What you need to do is find a sports bra that fits you perfectly. Take for example the Berlei sports bra line. They give you several wired and wire-free options so you can find the one that best suits your level of activities and needs.

Debunking Sports Bra Myths

Myth #5: Wirefree Sports Bras Don’t Give a Lot of Support

Many women find wired sports bras uncomfortable, which is why more of them are opting to buy wire-free variants. Although some people believe that they don’t give as much support as their wired counterparts, wire-free sports bras are equally as good if not superior in some styles.

Wirefree bras are known for their superior comfort because of their extra flat seams. Nowadays, advances in technology, as well as fabrics, have now made it possible for these bras to support breasts regardless of the size.

Myth #6: Once You Are Fitted for a Size, That Is Your Size for Life

We understand how this myth came to life. Some women don’t change their bras for years. So, the fabric stretches with their bodies as they grow. Making them think that their size hasn’t really changed over the years. They think that if they know how to tighten sports bra straps, they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

In reality, breast sizes change in women throughout their lives. Their sizes change during their monthly periods, during pregnancy, after pregnancy and often during menopause. That’s why we recommend having several types of sports bras to wear depending on the need. There are several bra size calculators online you can use to get the perfect fit.

Myth #7: Cups in a Sports Bra Provide the Most Support

Although cups are very important parts of a sports bra, they aren’t the primary thing providing support for your girls.

In fact, approximately 80% of the support provided by a sports bra comes form the band. With the remaining 20% being provided by the straps and cups.

The band, the cups, as well as the straps all play an important role in securing your breasts so they don’t sustain any damage.

Myth #8: I’m The Same Size in Every Brand

Wow wouldn’t that be great. A universal sizing guide followed by all brands! Unfortunately, this isn’t a thing yet and we have to learn more about a specific brand before we can get the best fitting bra.

Many brands have their own specific sizing system which allows them to make alterations and add features that they think will benefit the wearer. So yes, as tedious as it sounds, you need to check the brand specific size requirements before buying from a new brand.

Luckily, we have done all the hard work for you. Check out our brand specific size guides for more information.

Debunking Sports Bra Myths

Myth #9: Sports Bras Shouldn’t Be Washed in the Machine

We wish we could debunk this myth absolutely, but we can’t. The truth is, there are a lot of sports bra variants so we can’t give an answer that’s going to apply to all the products on the market.

Some sports bras are machine washable while others have to be strictly hand-washed. The best way to be sure is to simply look on the label. It should all be there in black and white. That said, if you want to prolong the life of your sports bra, I recommend always hand washing. It is much gentler on the fabrics.

Myth #10: All Sports Bras Are the Same

Sports bras are designed to fit different body sizes, types, activity levels, purposes, comfort, and more. No two sports bras are exactly the same. They are all created to fit a wide variety of wearers so everyone can enjoy life without having to worry about their precious assets.

Key Takeaway

In a world full of supposed sports bra facts, it’s not always easy to spot the true facts from the fallacies. We hope this article has given you a better idea of these myths and why you shouldn’t always believe something that you hear no matter how credible you think the source is.

If you have questions and you don’t want to be fooled, please get in touch with our sports bra experts. We’ll be more than happy to debunk those faulty claims for you.

Yours in Support

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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