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We Will Get Through This Together.

Hi, Amy here.

We are in unprecedented times that are affecting all aspects of our society. Things are changing daily and keeping abreast of what’s happening can be difficult and daunting. Now I am not an expert in infectious viruses so have been diligently following the governments advice on how best to protect myself, my family and those around me from contracting COVID-19 and to this point have been successful (all my fingers are now crossed).

As with many businesses we have been affected financially and I can completely understand why. People are uncertain of the future and what the COVID-19 pandemic means for their life moving forward. Many businesses are continuing, and a few are benefiting greatly but the majority are suffering immensely. People are losing their jobs and unfortunately for some their livelihood. The government is stepping in to help bridge the income gap and that is a good thing. But I fear for many it will not be enough.

That said we are all in this together. If we rally as a community and work together, we can come though this together. Supporting one another is of paramount importance. And I am not just talking financially. I am lucky, although Sports Bras Direct is my husband and my only source of income we have savings to see myself and my family though. So, we are in a better position than many people. Also, as Sports Bras Direct is online only our overheads are relatively low.

It is the social impact of the virus that concerns me more and this is where we truly do need to look out for each other. I for one hate uncertainty and I imagine I am not the only one. We need to know there is light at the end of the tunnel and we need to work together to reach that light in the best possible shape we can socially, physically and financially.

So, what am I going to do? As you know I run my business not-for-profit. This means after my husband and myself take a wage all profits go to women’s charities. My charity of choice is Support the Girls Australia. At this point in time Sports Bras Direct profits have reduced but I will still work to collect pre-loved bras and donate what I can to pass onto this beautiful charity on your behalf. Their work with disadvantaged women is amazing.

As more and more of my customers become disadvantaged as the forced closures and job loses bite, I would like to work with them and with all of you. How will I do this? I will go through my entire website and re-visit the price of all my products. If I can reduce prices I will, even if it is by just a bit. At the very least I will make sure nothing is full price and nothing is over $100. I need to cover costs and staff wages, but I will do everything I can to help. I know for many of you every little bit helps at present. I will keep my site at this level for as long as necessary to support you, me and all the people involved in the making, distributing and selling of the products I sell. We need to keep things moving.

I will delete the ‘SALE’ tab from my website for the time being as it is somewhat obsolete given the action I am taking. I will still have clearance lines that I will sell discounted further with no returns (sorry again). I will continue to write blogs and add other content to provide much needed sports bra education. You will also receive increased email and social traffic from me sharing info, tips & tricks on how to survive at home with the family 😄, and other things I believe are useful to our ongoing wellbeing.

Now I know a sports bra is not seen as an essential item, but I disagree. It is all but impossible for us women to exercise in comfort and stay as healthy as possible without a good sports bra. I encourage you to wring every day out of your current sports bra if you need to but please, not to your physical detriment. If you need a new sports bra but finances are tight then please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do sports bra wise to help you stay active.

I have set up a Facebook group, Sports Bras Direct Community ( Please join it and let’s support each other. Individually we are strong mothers, wives and daughters and let’s be honest we are often the backbones of our families (I know I am 😊). As a group we can be even stronger.

It is important we stay strong both physically and mentally. Use the group to support each other, don’t be afraid to ask for help and please offer it when it is needed. I am talking advice, support, and information. Share little things that will make us all smile and post things others might find helpful in getting though the life changes we are all experiencing. Home exercise routines, ways to entertain the kids, good Netflix shows for the family, etc will all help make our lives a little easier.

I know Sports Bras Direct is only a small business, but we truly believe in doing what we can however small to help women who may be in need and that includes you.

Stay safe and strong.

Yours in support

Amy x

Amy Jaffers

Amy is the face behind Sports Bras Direct, Australia’s largest sports bra website. She's a mother of two, outdoors lover and sports bra expert. Her life mission is to help active women get the support they need as well as assisting women in need through her charitable donations.

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