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Sheree Cottell

Hi, I’m Sheree and I live in Sydney with my husband and 2 adult children. I left the work force in 2014 after working extremely long hours for many years in a very demanding role in the IT industry.

For a year after this I sat around trying to work out who I was. In that time, I found exercise and running.

Initially I started running on the road and gradually progressed to completing a half, then full marathon. Following this, I truly found my passion for trail running, specifically long distances.

There is nothing better than running out in the bush. Surrounded by nature and getting to see so many great places that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see.

Fast forward 6 years and running is now a part of my everyday life. So much that I train 6 days per week.

I have now completed a 100 km and several 50km trail events. Along with many other lower distance events. I am currently waiting for an injury to settle down before I commit to my next 100km event.

Staying strong all round is especially important for running. So, you will also find me at the gym building my strength to help avoid future injuries.

Having started running later in life, I love pushing myself and seeing what this old body can do. Those finish line feels are very emotional after months of training.

One of my passions is inspiring and encouraging others to get out there and give it a go! The hardest step is that first one.

I was over 50 when I started running and if I can do it that late in life anyone can!

Sheree x

Check Sheree out on Instagram.

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